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The internet is chock full of facts. Join me as we take a look at 20 facts and images that will make you say ‘I Had No Idea.’ Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch:

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Some things are just too crazy to believe. But thanks to science, the internet, and history, we can bring you the craziest facts found throughout time. These are 20 facts that will make you scratch your head and wonder what kind of world we live inhabit. Subscribe to Talltanic #11: Pablo Escobar had pet Hippos Who would’ve thought that legendary Colombian drug-lord Pablo Escobar had pet hippos…? Before his death in 1993, Pablo Escobar smuggled in zoo animals from across the world to create his public zoo, which he then opened later for the public to explore freely. Years after his death, after the zoo closed and the other animals had been relocated to other zoos across the country, the hippos remained. Since no one could manage to move them, they began to breed and multiply in that zoo, eventually breaking free and inhabiting the waters of Colombia. The hippos are now been claimed as an invasive species of Colombia, the female hippos giving birth to calves every year. #10: The Mandela Effect is a Mandela Effect The Mandela Effect is described as a group of people remembering or recalling events that never occurred. But what if the term doesn’t mean what you think it does…? The Mandela Effect is a term that the internet came up with, replacing its more boring name Confabulation. In psychiatry, Confabulation refers to a disturbance of memory, defined by the product of fabricated, distorted, or misinterpreted memories about oneself or the world without the conscious intention to deceive. So the Mandela Effect is a Mandela Effect. We’ll give you some time to sit down with that one. #9: The word Emoji has nothing to do with the Emotion We’ll wait for the audible gasps to die down. That’s right; the word emoji has nothing to do with the word emotion! The word emoji is actually a combination of the Japanese words for e, meaning picture, and moji, meaning character. The resemblance to the word emotion is a coincidence. #8: The Smallest Thing Ever Photographed The smallest thing to ever be photographed was the shadow of an atom. A research team at Griffith University was able to capture the image by shooting a laser at the atom, which then cast light on the atom, allowing for it to cast a shadow. Here I was thinking finding the right angle for a selfie was hard to take. #7: A Crocodile Can’t Stick It’s Tongue Out Wait...what? According to researchers, crocodile’s have a membrane that keeps their tongue stuck to the roof of their mouth. In doing this, it protects the crocodiles airways since it spends a majority of its time underwater. The crocodile also does not use it’s tongue when it is eating. #6: Captain Crunch’s Real Name By now, we’ve all heard about how Captain Crunch isn’t a captain, and how he’s actually a commander blah blah blah. But get this; Captain Crunch’s real name is Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch. What a stoic and lengthy name for a cereal captain...or wait...commander…? #5: The True Meaning behind the name M&M’s If you’re like me and you’ve been wondering, “What does M&M stand for?” Well, look no further! The iconic candy name came from its founders named Mars & Murray when the candy was released in 1941. #4: The Dot Above the I If you’ve ever been curious about what the name of the dot is that goes over the lowercase i and j, you’ll chuckle to yourself once you hear the name. It’s called a tittle, and it is defined as the distinguishing dot above the lowercase i and j. #3: Neil Armstrong had to go through customs after coming back from the moon Yes, you’re reading that correctly. After landing in the Pacific Ocean and making it to Honolulu, Hawaii, the legendary Apollo 11 crew had to go through customs, and then be detained in a NASA quarantine room to make sure they weren’t carrying any bacteria or diseases from the moon. The funniest part about this is on the customs paperwork, where it says Departure From, it just says, “Moon.”. #2: Betty White is Older Than Sliced Bread The iconic actress and Golden Girls legend Betty White is older than sliced bread. While Mrs. White was born on January 17th, 1992, sliced bread was not sold in stores or around until 1928. To be fair, Betty White is more iconic than sliced bread. 1...

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Subscribe! Because SMART IS THE NEW SEXY: Hello, everyone! Smart is the New Sexy gathered for you 18 amazing facts that you probably never heard of. Buckle up for the enormous amount of curious facts. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: The Bright Side of Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Pictures That Will Make You Say NO WAY! These Pictures That Will Make You Say NO WAY! They're weird, random and hilarious. Have you ever seen some thing that was just so oddly satisfying that you just had to look at it and say YES!.. This was the exact opposite of that, that will make says NO WAY! Have you heard the saying "some things are better left unsaid"? These funny pictures that will make you wonder why tho embody a similar idea, but it is more like "some things are better left unquestioned." This list of photos that will make you say wtf is going to confuse you, and then make you laugh, and then puzzle you some more. Do you know that you can listen to Pac Man whenever you want with just one finger? Or you can’t hum while holding your nose? to some pictures that will make you say nope, just nope until u tried it u will say NO WAY!! Just enjoy questions asked. You may experience this emotion throughout! 💖💖SUBSCRIBE💖💖 Subscribe For Daily Content 💖TankQ💖 Subscribe: 💖💖PLAYLIST💖💖 Popular Upload: Most Recent Upload: The Most Creative Costumes And Cosplays: Genius Or Stupid!?: Funny And Cute Animals: Creative And Funny Pictures Compilation: Funny Fails: Funny Kids: Hilarious And Amazing Pictures Compilation: 💖More Video💖 Things That Happen Once In A Lifetime People Having The Best Day Ever! Photos You Have To Look At Twice To Understand Times People Absolutely Won The Food Lottery Times People Absolutely Lost The Food Lottery Ridiculous Reasons Why Kids Cry Perfectionists At Work Things That Need To Be Invented Already Genius People Who Fixed Broken Stuff Instead Of Throwing It Away When Accidental Art Is Better Than Your Actual Art Annoying Things That Are Relatable Creative Dog Owners Who Did Pawesome Things For Their Dogs People Who Lost Their Limbs But Not Their Sense Of Humor Adorable Cats With Their Cute Mini-Mes | Adorable Cats And Kittens Photos That Will Drive You Crazy Until You Figure Them Out The Funniest Posts About Huskies Genius Solutions To Life's Everyday Problems The Best Parenting Hacks Ever If Company Slogans Were Honest Pictures That Are So Dumb They Are Hilarious The Most Uncomfortable Photos (Food) Funny Illustrations Proving The World Has Changed For The Worse The Most Creative Crazy Hair Day Ideas Ever Funny Differences Between Men And Women Funny Animals Memes That Will Make You Smile Funny Pale People Problems That Other People Will Never Understand Annoying Situations We've All Experienced - 4900 Funny Pictures That Will Make You Wonder 'Why Tho' People Who Clearly Don't Care Anymore Examples Of Genius Textbook Vandalism By Bored Students That Can Almost Be Forgiven The Most Creative Halloween Costumes Ideas Ever Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Make You Look Twice 💖💖FOLLOW ME💖💖 Youtube Facebook Twitter -=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 💖💖MUSIC💖💖 Jazz Me Blues (2:45) Breaktime - Silent Film Light by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: -=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=-=- Subscribe For Daily Content Subscribe: Help 🐽FunnyPig🐽 Reach Goal of 140,000 Subs!! 💖TankQ💖

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Take a look at all the famous logos with the hidden messages that might surprise you. Every line and color in the logos of the world’s most famous companies have a whole lot of meaning behind them. From hidden messages in Wendy’s symbol to NBC’s peacock secret – get ready to learn a bunch! For example, it’s hard to believe, but Pepsi paid over a million dollars to create this special logo with its secret meanings. The new design hints at mysterious and secretive themes, such as the Earth’s magnetic field, Feng shui, Pythagoras, geodynamics, the theory of relativity, and the golden ratio. The designer has explained that this logo also makes reference to Mona Lisa, the Parthenon, and even René Descartes. The red, white and blue colors have always represented the American flag. TIMESTAMPS Paramount Pictures 0:28 Domino's Pizza 1:22 Hershey’s Kisses 2:19 NBC 3:09 Carrefour 3:56 Roxy 4:24 Cisco 4:56 Picasa 5:19 Nintendo Gamecube 5:54 Unilever 6:22 Wendy's 7:14 Pepsi 7:54 SUMMARY - Paramount Pictures They say the first original logo was drawn on a napkin. The mountain on it resembled Ben Lomond in Utah, as it played an important part in the life of studio creator. The 24 stars around the mountain weren’t a random decoration of the logo. They stood for 24 actors and actresses who were the first to sign contracts with Paramount. - Domino's Pizza The first original logo had dominos on it. The one dot stood for the very first restaurant. The two dots symbolized the two franchises that opened a few years later. The plan was to add dots for each new restaurant. - Hershey’s Kisses Can you see the chocolate Kiss between “K” and “I”? By the way, do you know why Hershey’s Kisses are called so? The most popular version says it’s named after the sound the chocolate makes moving onto the conveyer belt. - NBC The peacock was first used as NBC logo back in 1956. Why did they choose a peacock of all birds? For its variety of colors and also to show how proud they were of their new broadcasting technologies. - Carrefour Its name translates as “crossroads”. That explains the red and blue arrows that point in opposing directions. The white negative space is also used in a smart way. If you give it a close look, you will see a “C” for “Carrefour” in between the arrows. - Roxy Roxy’s logo is more than just a heart to symbolize love for sports. It’s a crest built of two Quicksilver logos on their ends. - Cisco Internet networking giant Cisco got its name after the city of its headquarters – San Francisco. Their logo has both a reference to their location and to what they are doing. - Picasa Do you know what “casa” means in Spanish? It translates as “home”. The negative space in the center of the logo looks like a little house. - Nintendo Gamecube The cube isn’t just a cube within a cube. The outer figure is a letter “G” and the inside negative space forms a clear “C”. GC for Gamecube. - Unilever The letter “U” which clearly stands for Unilever is made up of 25 icons which stand for everything that’s important to them. You can find a lock of hair, a tea leaf, a jar, a hand and even a spoon in there, as well as many more symbolic drawings. - Wendy's The logo clearly says... “mom”. The idea is that Wendy’s is happy to give you the taste of your mom’s cooking and they want this thinking to stick to you. - Pepsi The designer has explained that this logo also makes reference to Mona Lisa, the Parthenon, and even René Descartes. The red, white and blue colors have always represented the American flag. Which of the logo stories is your favorite? Do you know any more cool logo facts? Tell us in the comments below. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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The world is so big and full of things we don’t know. What’s interesting, however, is that some of the coolest things are right in front of us. Subscribe to Talltanic Watch our "Evidence That Aliens HAVE Visited Earth " video here:- Watch our "CRAZY Ideas That Actually Worked!" video here- Watch our UNBELIEVABLE Items Found After Tsunamis !" video here- 9. The Power Of Palindromes When a word is the same spelled backwards as it is spelled backwards, that word is categorized as a “palindrome.” There’s nots of palindromes in the English language, such as lvwel, mom, racecar, name it. One that hit the internet 2 years ago was a little more hilarious. Somebody on the abyss that is the internet realized that the phrase “faded af” was “faded af” backwards. Needless to say, the context from which the phrase is used along with the new revelation really opened up people’s minds. 8. The Postbox In The Deep You probably never thought twice about there the deepest postbox in the world is, but if that stuff disinterested you, you would never have clicked on this video in the first place. So let’s talk about it. About 10 meters under the surface of the waters of Susami Bay is the deepest postbox in the world. Suddenly that walk to the front of your yard to get the mail seems so minimal and complaining about it trivial. This mailbox in Japan is accessible by diving and is used by divers who want to write water-resistant letters. 7. A McDonalds Everywhere You Turn In your city, there’s probably a McDonald’s every few blocks. If you live in a small town, you know you have at least 1 or 2 McDonald’s restaurants near you. They’re one of the biggest fast food franchises in the world--the second, in fact, when it comes to individual units around the world (with Subway as the first). You can find a McDonald’s on every continent with the exception of Antarctica. That being said, places like Jamaica, Yemen, Tajikistan, and Ghana don’t have a McDonald’s in their countries. 6. Nose And Memory Imagine sitting somewhere, a store, a room, outside at the park. Then suddenly you smell a certain scent, a fragrance that seems really familiar. All of a sudden you’re hit with memories, be they a group of one general time frame in your life or even just one specific memory. Why does this happen? See, the olfactory bulb starts in the nose and then connects through the bottom part of your brain, which also holds the hippocampus and amygdala. Guess what? These two parts happen to be where you hold emotion and memory. 5. Scotland’s National Animal In America, the national animal is the Bald Eagle. For Indonesia, it’s the komodo dragon. Greece calls the phoenix their national bird, so if they can use a fictional one, so can Scotland. So what is Scotland’s national animal? The unicorn. If you look at their Royal coat of arms used by the Kings of Scotland used before 1603, it depicted 2 unicorns surrounding the royal coat of arms symbol. Scotland is famous for their love of fantasy, so it’s not so strange they picked the unicorn. 4. The Town With No Roads Somewhere in the Netherlands is a small village called Giethoorn. The houses heere look quaint, like a little fairytale village. What’s more is that they do not use cars. No, siree, Giethoorn is considered a car free kind of town and the only way to get around is via the boat on the waterways, bicycle trails, and footpaths. Once upon a time it was considered a pedestrian precinct, although modern times offered some exceptions to that rule. It’s nicknames include things like “Little Venice” or “The Venice of The Netherlands.” 3. Before Other Toys You can’t really watch any kids oriented channel or online content without coming across a bunch of advertisements and commercials for toys. Most of us probably grew up that way, seeing toy commercials while waiting for your Saturday morning cartoons to come back on air. If we travel way back to 1952, however, you’ll see that the first toy to ever be advertised on television screens was none other than the Mr. Potato Head toys distributed by Hasbro. These toys were invented in 1949 by George Lerner. Perhaps the most recognizable place we see them are from the Toy Story movies. 2. The Truth About Black Panthers One of the most mysterious animals in the world is the black panther. You know that at night time, this cunning, patient wild cat would not be able to be seen--at least by most animals. Most of us don’t realize, however, that black panthers aren’t really they’re own separate species. Typically, black panthers are depicted as having jet black fur. If you look a little closer, you’ll also see that they have spots. That’s because black panthers are really just leopards or jaguars that of a melanistic variety. 1...

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The internet is chock full of facts. Join me as we take a look at 20 facts and images that will make you say ‘I Had No Idea.’ Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Be Amazed at these facts That Will Make You Say “I Had No Idea”! Apple’s Headphones - Must earbuds have two or three holes. The iPhone Clock App - So, let’s talk about the iPhone Clock App. The USB Logo - Easy to corrupt and one sharp tug away from snapping in two, most people wouldn’t associate the USB with a god of unimaginable power. The Dairy Queen Lid - Why do cold things hate us so much? Ketchup Containers - What were the manufacturers thinking!? The Power Button’s Shape - Take a look at the power button on a nearby electronic device. Go ahead, I’ll Wait. The Direction of Your Fuel Arrows - Have you ever pulled up at a gas station and realized that your gas cap is on the other side? Pen Cap Holes - Kids will stick anything in their mouth if given a chance. Airplane Window Holes - Is that hole proof of a gremlin at work? Pygmy Jean Pockets - They aren’t big enough for credit cards, lip balms, or Lilliputians. Converse Holes - A lot of people have fallen victim to wet feet thanks to these holes . Measuring Tape Edge - This one takes a keen eye to notice, but the serrated edge of measuring tape is there for a reason. Pot Handle Holes - While every Italian grandma can tell you what the holes in pot handles are for – you might not know. Tic Tac Lids - Tic Tac has thought of everything! The 57 on a Bottle of Heinz - Heinz today makes more than 5700 distinct products. So, why does the bottle say 57? Take Out Containers - Surprise, surprise! It turns out that condiment cups aren’t the only origami containers out there. Airport Runway Numbers - Every runway in the world has two numbers on it. But, what the heck do they mean? Reversed Military Flags - Americans are real sticklers when it comes to their flag. Fire Casts No Shadow - Take a look at this picture . Do you notice something missing? Maple Syrup Handles - Have you ever held a bottle of 100-percent real maple syrup—or helped smuggle one across the Canadian border?

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10 handy tips for iOS and Android users. Did you know that you can take photos, while you're filming a video or make your password a current time? Watch carefully for these and many other cool smartphone features! Smartphones are basically everything these days. They allow you to save any type of information you need and easily multi task. And even though we are all experienced smartphone users, it’s pretty much impossible to know all the tips and hacks because smartphones are getting more and more advanced, adding a lot of new and very useful features you probably don't even have a clue about! TIMESTAMPS How to block ads 1:00 Wi-Fi passwords 2:01 Create your own reply for missed calls 2:59 Android guest mode 4:00 Secret iPhone codes 4:43 Audio timer 5:40 Take photos while shooting videos 6:38 Share content immediately 7:30 Keyboard and mouse 8:28 Screen Lock – Time Password 9:21 #phonecodes #phonesecrets #secretcodes SUMMARY - When you have an important level to pass or battle to win, and suddenly, completely out of the blue and at the most inopportune moment, there it is – an ad. Just turn on the Airplane Mode on your phone and the problem is solved! - Every time you connect to a new Wi-Fi, your phone shows you dots instead of the actual password letters on your screen. But what if you need to quickly connect the other device to the certain source of Wi-Fi and you don't remember the password? There is the app called Wifi Password Show. - You can create your own texts for any occasion possible! Just go to Settings, choose Phone, then Respond with Text and voilà – here you can make your own personal message that will be sent to your contacts. - Turn on a Guest Mode! To switch it on, simply tap the User icon in the top right corner of the quick Settings panel. Then tap Guest. - If you enter *#31# you will hide the number for all calls. If you need it just for one certain call, you can type #31# right before the number you’re calling. - Audio Timer will allow your device to turn off all the audio at a certain time. This is available only to iOS users, though, and takes only a couple of quick and easy steps. - Another one of the coolest features that your iPhone has – taking photos while filming a video. This option is available for all the iPhone models from iPhone 5 and onward. - Tap the Share icon in any app, choose Android beam from the list of options, and then just put the devices together back-to-back. A couple more seconds and your mission has successfully been obtained. - If it is necessary, Android users can easily use keyboard or mice. This can be very useful if your display is damaged or if you just need to type a lot of text. All you need to do to attach a keyboard or mouse to your Android phone is a USB on-the-go cable. - ! The app is called Screen Lock – Time Password and it will make your phone’s current time (or any other option related to time) its lock screen password. Just look at the clock and unlock your phone with the current numbers. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Optical illusions have always been a favorite subject of the Bright Side team. Do you like optical illusions? 🤓 How are they created? Those who do that use combinations of colors, lights, or particular patterns that can really trick the brain. So get ready to check your visual perception with this fun challenge! Some of these illusions were interpreted a long time ago, while others will challenge your brain and still won’t give a logical explanation. These awesome pictures will mess with your eyes and mind, making you believe things aren’t what they seem! TIMESTAMPS: Creepy 0:40 Hidden faces 1:37 A fair lady 2:35 Café wall illusion 3:22 The impossible triangle 4:57 Bicycle 6:00 Rubic’s cube 7:04 Chessboard 8:28 Upside down Steve Buscemi 9:14 Hermann Grid Illusion and Scintillating Grid Illusion 9:58 Boxes 12:20 #opticalillusion #visualillusion #vision Music by Epidemic Sound Soy cantante no reconocida: By Dyan´s - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, SUMMARY: - This is a famous drawing created in 1892 by Charles Allan Gilbert called "All Is Vanity." And depending on what you see first, it can come off as a little creepy. - If you found 10 faces hidden among the branches, then you're an extremely observant individual. Some say that these faces are actually those of famous public figures! - This gorgeous lady must be a ballerina. Otherwise, how does she keep rotating like that, with that much grace? But, we are here not to discuss her artistic skills. - The name of this illusion was inspired by a tiled wall of a café in Bristol. But I will tell you no more for now. Can you tell if the dark lines are parallel to each other or inclined? - The impossible triangle, also known as Penrose Triangle is called so because it could never exist in reality. If it did exist, it would be absolutely contrary to the rules of Euclidean geometry. - What makes the bicycle move? Obviously, the fact that the spokes in its wheels are rotating. Nah, it can’t be that easy when it comes to optical illusions. - It’s a Rubik’s cube! This optical illusion is based on anamorphosis. It is a form of perspective. - You can’t play any chess with this board because it’s moving all over the place. Or is it? You have 15 seconds to decide if the lines are rotating. - Can you tell what’s wrong with Steve Buscemi? I mean I hope Steve is perfectly fine, but can you tell what’s wrong with the second picture? - Look at this black square crisscrossed with perpendicular white lines. The white dots situated at the intersections of the grid shift their color from white to gray and back. - It takes one large box and one little box and some magic to make this illusion possible. How is it possible for the little box to be outside, inside and part of the large box at the same time? Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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We found a few beneficial functions on your smartphone that will make your life easy! Setting #3 is our favorite – check it out, and you’ll get access to the magic menu! TIMESTAMPS Lock screen message 0:44 Smartphone return option 1:27 Save the memory 1:51 Phone as CCTV 2:23 Dash cam 3:02 UV light 3:31 Smartphone construction level 4:01 Access to the magic menu 4:30 Interesting stats 5:04 Monochrome mode 5:45 SUMMARY - Go to “Settings” — “Lock screen and security” — “Lock screen signature.” Now write a backup phone number or your email there. - Some apps (Cerberus is one of them) can take pictures, activate a mic, block the phone or/and delete all the data on it, locate it via GPS, or even use a loud signal to draw the attention of people nearby. - Just upload all your data to Telegram Messenger. Telegram allows you to send files, texts, and links to yourself. You can use it both as a notepad and cloud storage. - Use an old smartphone to create a simple security system for your home. An app with a motion sensor function will turn your device into a CCTV cam that takes pictures when someone appears in view. It will send photos to you right away. - You can also use your smartphone as a DVR (dash cam) in your car. All you need to do is install your cam so that it has the best view of the road. To make it work even better, use special DVR apps. - A UV light can be useful, especially if you want to check the authenticity of banknotes. DIY by utilizing some tape, markers, and a smartphone, of course. - Any smartphone now has an accelerometer and a gyro sensor. Both allow it to determine the device’s position in space. Download specific apps for Android and iOS and your phone can replace a level device. It will definitely work for small construction. - If you are serious about your smartphone and use it all the time, you may as well change its settings like a professional. To do so, you need to go to the Developer Menu. Go to: Settings — About the phone — Click 7 times on “Model Number.” - On iOS, simply go to “Settings” — “Battery” and press the dial key to the right of the “last 7 days” column. A list of your most-used apps will appear. For Android, you will have to install one more app (yes, again an app, another one), such as Instant. - Go to the “magical” developer’s menu, and find “simulate anomaly,” then switch the monochrome mode on. Now your phone will work in black and white. What is your favorite phone brand, by the way? Do you know any other interesting smartphone features? Share them in the comments! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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You should totally check out these geniusly weird hacks! In this video I'll show you how how to make reading place with perfect temperature, how to change linens like you’ve been doing it your entire life! How to make super stylish phone cases.You can use old ties, plain or color-changing nail polish, feathers, glue gun, bathroom hooks, watch band and even baking mold! Find out how to make amazing homemade liquid tights, enlarge your lips, curl your hair with forks, apply makeup correctly and a lot more useful stuff! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe to 5-Minute Workouts: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TIMESTAMPS: 9:40 Make your bedroom an ultimate comfort zone 15:17 Nail polish hack For more videos and articles visit:

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BEAUTY HACKS There are way too many great hacks I wanna share with you today! Ever tried to walk on grass in high heels? I did and it was awful! Until I came up with a genius glue gun cap solution! You should definitely give it a try? It's summer already and if you're still not ready for it, it's high time to upgrade your painting skills! Grab your makeup bag, I'll show you what to do! You know that time when you've just painted your nails and then you can barely touch your cup or door handle and can't take your clothes off, 'cause you're afraid to spoil your amazing new manicure? But in the end you somehow still mess it up accidentally! Have you ever come across this nasty problem? Then I've got simply wonderful solution. All you have to do is pour some cold water and add ice cubes in it, then rest your fingers there for one minute only! Now your nails are completely safe! You'll also find out effective way to remove blackheads and make edible lip balm! There's so much great stuff, stay tuned and don't miss out on anything! ;) Also in this video I wanna share with you one of my favorite lazy exercises for a flat belly. It's called 'vacuum' exercise! Here's how you do it: lay down on your back, breath out, draw in your stomach for 20-30 seconds. Repeat this simple routine 5 times every day and you'll see noticeable results after first two weeks! ;) Greasy hair problem is pretty common as well. Here's how to deal with it. Recipe for BRUNETTES: corn starch + cocoa powder + essential oil Recipe for BLONDES: corn starch + baking soda + essential oil Apply this powder on the hair roots and simply brush your hair afterwards. TIMESTAMPS: 0:50 NO MORE messy manicure 1:55 Summer abs 6:05 One product makeup 8:08 No place to put lashes? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Top things you didn’t know the purpose of! These are the everyday items and things you didn’t know the use for! #14. “Pen Cap”-- You have definitely noticed the tiny hole in the top of a cap and may have used it to try and make a whistle or pretended it was a tiny spyglass. Most people believe this hole has something to do with preventing a pen from drying-out but this is not the case. The hole in the pen cap actually serves as a safety feature. In the event that a small child swallows one, the hole allows air to pass through and reduces the risk of suffocation. #13. “Measuring Tape Tools”-- The modern measuring tape machine is a handy invention that most construction workers and contractors can’t live without, but even some of the most skilled workers might not know it has two incredible yet simple features. First there is the serrated edge on the metal end of the tape. This was put into the design so that if you desired you could put a minor scratch or indentation into the surface you are measuring, in order to give you a marker to make further measurements or designs off of. The other feature is right next to the serrated edge. You may have noticed the small hole that is commonly located in the metal tip. So what’s the purpose of this? Well this is so that if you are measuring something from a point where a nail or screw is you can hook the tape onto the nail and hold the tape in place. #12. “The Quarter’s Edge”-- You probably have spied the hundreds of tiny grooves that mark the outside edge of a quarter but not thought twice about it having a purpose. But these tiny ridges actually once served an important function and no it’s not just so magician’s can get a better grip during coin tricks. Up until recently, historically speaking, the cost of the metals in a coin reflected the coins value so many people took to shaving the edges off of the coins and then used the rest of the coin to purchase items as if the coin still had full value. They would then save up their shavings and melted them together to create new coins or just sell the chunks. In order to combat this, coin minters started putting these ridges on their coins so that retailers could tell whether the coins had been shaved. This practice, though not necessary today, is carried on for the sake of tradition and aesthetic. So why don’t nickels have them? Because no one cares about nickels.

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SIMPLE LIFE HACKS FOR EVERY DAY These life hacks and tricks are gonna be unexpectedly helpful in numerous life situations. If you often use eyewear you'll like these hacks. If your glasses often fogging up, I advise you to rub some plain soap into the glasses and then wipe it up with a napkin as usual. When your eyeglasses keep slipping down, take two rubber bands, tie them round the temples of the glasses. That's it, no more slipping down! If you're just trying to pick up a new pair of glasses or buying eyewear for the first time, don't forget to take the table test. Simply put the eyeglasses right on the table and then carefully look at the glasses' temple tips, whether they both reach the table surface or not. If not, it means the temple tips are of different length! It may cause a lot of discomfort while wearing them. In case you have high myopia of −6.00 diopters or more and accidentally lost your eyewear on the working desk. Grab your phone, turn on the camera and zoom in on the table surface until you see your glasses. Another nasty problem every four-eyed probably faced - scratches on the lenses. Put some toothpaste on the lens and rub it in. Did you know how handy plastic bags can be? You can use them as a smartphone case to protect your gadget from the damp and sand when you take it to the beach with you. You can cook an awesome puffy omelet using plastic bag as well! TIMESTAMPS: 2:11 Dripping tap sound? 4:12 Too loud? 7:24 How to see without eyeglasses 11:05 Cola cake ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Facts That'll Make Everyone You Know Say "I Never Knew That!". If you like this vid write in comments *(more)* for the next upload.

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15 WhatsApp Secret Features You Probably Didn’t Know About. Did you know how to find out the exact time someone read your message? Watch the video and learn all these amazing WhatsApp hacks! It's no wonder that in recent years WhatsApp became a huge part of our lives – it's convenient, quick and easy to use. Pretty much everyone has a large WhatsApp contact list and spend hours each day to catch up with their families, friends or plan some events! TIMESTAMPS How to change the font on WhatsApp 0:35 How to change font style on WhatsApp 1:04 Most popular contacts on WhatsApp 1:36 Muting group chats 2:03 How to make personal information private 2:33 Stop auto-saving 3:07 How to add dates to the calendar 3:35 Add a chat link to your home screen 4:01 How to send a message using Siri 4:28 Back your chat messages 4:53 Send a giant beating heart 5:27 Star the messages 5:49 How to secretly read messages 6:20 How to disable previews 7:03 Find out the exact time someone has read your text 7:33 SUMMARY - Just simply put this ` symbol three times before and after your text message! Like this, ` ` ` Hello!` ` `. - For bold messages, you have to put asterisks before and after your message (*Hello!*). You can send italics messages by adding underscores (_Hello!_). And your message can also be transformed to strikethrough by using tildes (~Hello!~). Plus, you can combine these styles by putting two or even all three symbols together (_~*Hello!*~_). - This works only on iOS devices. You can do that by heading to Settings and then picking Account and Storage Usage. You'll see the list of all your WhatsApp contacts and groups as well as the total number of messages you've sent and received for each one of them! - If there is some group chat or a person that's constantly bothering you with endless messages, you can simply mute it. Just pick the chat, click on its name or the name of the contact on top of the screen and select mute. You'll have an option to mute it for 8 hours, a week or even a year! - Go to Settings, then click Account and select Privacy. Here you can control what users will see your profile picture, status and last time you were seen on WhatsApp. - If you're sick and tired of constantly deleting unnecessary photos that your contacts message you, you can turn the auto-saving off. Again, go to Settings, then select Chats and turn off Save Incoming Media. - If you type a certain date in your message, it will appear as a hyperlink. If you tap on it, you'll be given an option to create an event in your calendar. So you can simply plan some adventures with your friends, work meetings or any other important events right from your WhatsApp. - If you're texting somebody pretty much all day or have a favorite chat that you need quick access to, you can easily add a link to it to your home screen. This works for Android devices. All you need to do is tap and hold on a chat and then click on three vertical dots on the top right of your screen and choose Add Conversation Shortcut. - Just say “Hey, Siri, send a WhatsApp to” and name the contact needed. - If you like to read old messages and get nostalgic from time to time, you can always back your history up on iCloud (for iPhone users) or Google Drive (for Android). If you have an iPhone and you want to back up a certain chat, just click on its name, then on the name of the contact and you'll see an option E-mail conversation. - If you want to express your feelings for someone in a whole other dimension, just send a red heart alone without any other emojis or words. You may think it's nothing much, but amazingly enough, it turns into a big beating heart. - For iOS users, there is a simple solution. Just double tap on a message and select the star icon. - When you receive a message don't open it right away and dismiss all the notifications. Then, set your phone on airline mode that will turn your Wi-Fi or Internet connection off. After that just open your app and read the text. - . WhatsApp thought about that and allowed its users to disable those little previews. To do so, you have to go to Settings, click Notifications and there you'll see the option Disable Show Preview. - Hold on any of your messages you're interested in and choose Info. There you'll see the time your message was sent and also the time it was read. Which one of these features did you like the most? Did you know about some of them? Tell us in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Compilation of 3 x 30 amazing fun facts you won't believe that will help you become a smarter person Subscribe to our channel: For copyright matters please contact us at: Our Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: For more videos and articles visit:

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50 interesting and rare facts about animals that you’ve probably never heard about. Some of them will make you go Awww. Whether you're a nature lover or just curious by nature, this video is for you! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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50 amazing facts that will blow your mind Subscribe to TheHub For copyright matters please contact us at:

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15 secret phone codes that will give you access to the hidden functions of your smartphone. Did you know that you can hide your number in every outgoing call you make? Find out more great phone tricks in our video! TIMESTAMPS IMEI number 0:40 Number identification 1:23 Statistics and secret menu 1:50 No outgoing calls 2:28 Instant factory settings 2:58 Whole reinstallation 3:30 Better communication 3:58 Listen to yourself 4:30 Service center number 4:58 Quick turning off 5:20 Call waiting 5:51 Quick service menu 6:36 Signal information 6:59 Straight to voicemail 7:39 Hide your number in outgoing calls 8:13 SUMMARY - This simple code *#06# is available for both iPhone and Android users. By pressing it, you can see your International Mobile Equipment Identity number, or, as it shortly called, IMEI. - The code *#30# will help you turn your number identification on or off. So if you want to hide your identity and go incognito for some time, this is a way to go. It works the other way around also. By pressing *#30#, you can find out the number identification of the person, who's calling you if he or she didn't turn it off beforehand. - The combination *#*#4636#*#* has various purposes, depending on your device. If you have an Android, use this code to see the Wi-Fi signal as well as your battery and CPU usage statistics along with other information. - If you want to try in just press the following combination - *33*#. Voilà! Now you won't be bothered by any outgoing calls. Don't forget that you can turn this function off any time by pressing #33*pin#. - After using the combination *#*#7780#*#*, your phone will remove Google account settings as well as application data and settings. - The code *2767*3855# will not only remove all your phone files and settings but also reinstall your phone's firmware. - The combination *3370# is available only for iPhone users and turns on an EFR coding. It improves the quality of your communication, but, unfortunately, reduces battery life. - Press the combination *#*#8351#*#*, and you'll be able to listen to recordings of your own voice during the last 20 phone calls! - iPhone users can quickly find out the number of a service center for a current provider when in need, by simply pressing the combination *#5005*7672#. - Press *#*#7594#*#*, and your phone will turn off instantly without showing you this small menu. - If you're in this group of people, and you have an iPhone, there is a very important function that can make your life way easier. It's this combination - *43#. - If you're in this group of people, and you have an iPhone, there is a very important function that can make your life way easier. It's this combination - *43#. - Enter the Field Mode by tapping *3001#12345#*, then press and hold Power until the off slider appears. Then release Power and press Home. Now you see your signal in dBa. - IPhone users can turn on the call forwarding function so that all your incoming calls will be pushed right to voicemail. All you have to do is dial *#21#, and there you go. - This simple combination #31# “phone number” will allow you to hide your phone number in all outgoing calls! It's definitely worth a try. Which one of these codes do you find the most useful? Tell us your opinions in the comment section below! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Minecraft is one of the most popular games ever! But there are a lot of things about it that may stump gamers! Here are 10 Things You Had NO Idea You Could Do In Minecraft! subscribe now to TheGamer! Minecraft is a sandbox style video game released in November 2011 which has grown tremendously throughout the years. Six years after it was launched, Minecraft is still going strong and has expanded to multiple platforms including PC, Mac, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android. Due to the growth of the game and the amount of platforms it is available for, it’s no surprise Minecraft has sold around 125 million copies worldwide. Since the game launched in 2011, game developer Mojang has regularly updated the game. The game has seen both major updates and minor updates on a consistent basis. These updates often include: new items, mobs, materials and areas for the players to explore. They are constantly adding more and more features to the immensely popular game. Since the game has such a large community, it is difficult to find hidden or less well-known features people don’t already know about. It’s no surprise after every update, community member search through every nook and cranny of the game to test these new features. The hope is someone will manage to find something hidden in the update notes and tell the world about their discovery. From being able to change the color of your wolf’s collar to the diversity of the torch, there are plenty of hidden features the community should know about. Enjoy the video! For more videos and articles visit:

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When we say our actions are a result of only our own decisions, we lie a bit. Our brain is constantly tricking us, impairing our perception of reality. Are you one of the many people who wonder why they get their best ideas in the shower? The answer to this eternal question might seem confusing as it’s one of a number of paradoxes you've probably never thought about. TIMESTAMPS: The more effort you make to impress people, the less impressed they are 0:37 The harder you try to achieve your goal, the harder it will be to get there 1:09 The more honestly you speak about your mistakes, the more perfect you seem to other people 1:43 The more you dislike something about another person, the more likely it is that you have this character trait yourself 2:11 People who don't trust others can't be trusted either 2:39 The more failures you've had, the more likely you are to succeed in the end 3:22 The more you fear death, the less you enjoy life 3:55 If you care little about others, you don't care enough about yourself 4:18 The more friends you make, the more lonely you feel 4:41 The more you argue, the less likely you are to convince people of your point of view 5:13 The more options you have, the less happy you are with each of them 5:40 The more you learn, the more you realize how little you know 6:05 Overconfident people are rarely right 6:23 The harder you try to keep a person close, the more you push them away 6:46 The less available something is, the more you want it 7:13 The best ideas come to you in the shower 7:33 #psychology #psychologicaltricks #psychologicaleffects Music by Epidemic Sound SUMMARY: - When you are trying too hard to impress people, you aren't likely to show your true self. Subconsciously, people will feel your insincerity and won't fall for your performance. - Your mind can play some pretty cruel tricks on you! For example, if you expect something to be difficult, you unconsciously overcomplicate things. - Vulnerability is an amazing thing. When you aren't afraid to demonstrate it and feel comfortable about not being ideal, people tend to think that you’re perfect. - According to Carl Jung, a famous psychologist, if there's a trait that bothers you in others, it reflects those parts of you that you deny or feel insecure about - Those who feel insecure about any kind of connection they have with others often use this tactic. - There's nothing wrong with trying again and again. You'll succeed eventually! - Any fear you have paralyzes your desire to be happy and enjoy your life. And since the fear of death is one of the most potent fears a person can have, it doesn't let you live your life to the fullest. - You might not notice it at first sight, but be sure that those who are rude, uncaring, and impolite to other people are just as negligent to themselves. - If you really want to convince someone, stop arguing. Give the other party time to come to the same conclusion on their own. - This is the famous “paradox of choice,” where people who are presented with more options feel less satisfied with the one they make. When you make your choice, you automatically reject other alternatives. - The more convinced a person is that they are right, the less likely they are to know the subject. The problem is that many facts change over time. But an overly confident person isn't likely to check the truthfulness of something they think they know. - When you try to be as close as possible to another person, that's mostly your jealousy speaking. Such behavior can only make your partner feel obliged to love you and be loyal. And that's not a healthy relationship. - A relaxed state of mind can help you turn your focus inward. Thus, your mind will be more likely to make insightful connections. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Ming the clam, we hardly knew ye! Check out more awesome BuzzFeedBlue videos! MUSIC Mighty Mephisto Licensed via Warner Chappell Production Music Inc. SFX provided by Audioblocks. ( SOURCES GET MORE BUZZFEED: BUZZFEED BLUE Tasty short, fun, inspiring, funny, interesting videos from BuzzFeed. From incredible science facts to amazing how-to's and DIYs, BuzzFeed Blue will entertain, educate, spark conversation about all the little things that matter in life. Bite-size knowledge for a big world. Just like BuzzFeedVideo, but more blue.

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Try out ThePremium Network for free: Are getting the most out of your 3DS? 10 Things You Didn't Know Your Nintendo 3DS Could Do! Subscribe now to TheGamer! The first Nintendo 3DS hit retail shelves in 2011. Since then, gamers across the globe have taken a liking to these handheld systems. The games available for the 3DS are ridiculously fun and the system itself is easy to use for fans of all ages. Since Nintendo, as a company, is wildly popular, it’s no surprise the 3DS was readily received by fans. In fact, it seems as though nearly everyone, from hardcore to casual gamers, has a 3DS. Most fans of Nintendo are concerned with gameplay and which titles will be available on the system. Notably, players will expect at least one Mario title and one Pokemon title included in the list of games which can be played on the 3DS. That’s understandable, considering the fact those two titles specifically have become synonymous with the Nintendo brand. Players can’t think of one existing without the other and it’s pretty much a given Nintendo will deliver on the Mario and Pokemon front. What if, while being obsessed with new games, 3DS players overlooked some amazing features of the handheld system itself? There are certain aspects of the Nintendo 3DS some players may not be fully aware of. From hidden games to Pikmin assistants, it’s likely most players may have easily overlooked these functions. Missing these functions may be due to the fact players are often eager to get into their favorite game or they didn’t anticipate Nintendo adding easter eggs and perks to their handheld system. Either way, there are some interesting functions of the Nintendo 3DS available for players.

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What do you know about your body? These 17 Facts About the Human Body Will Send Chills Down Your Spine. These amazing facts may still be hard to swallow, but you will absolutely be all ears to hear about them. Did you love science at school? Let's face it, only a handful of us had the stomach for learning all the scientific stuff back then by heart. Today's topic will be easier to perceive. What is more, it will be much more exciting. We have 17 jaw-dropping facts about your body that may still be hard to swallow and digest, but you will be all ears to hear about them! TIMESTAMPS Your brain generates enough electricity to power a light bulb. 0:49 Human teeth are roughly as strong as shark teeth. 1:25 Stomach acid can make a hole in your skin. 1:59 The human hair is virtually indestructible. 2:44 Humans can create up to 7,000 different facial expressions. 3:09 Babies have over 60 more bones in their bodies than adults. 3:33 The resolution of the eye is estimated to be around 500 megapixels. 3:55 An adult's skin weighs around 17,6 pounds on average. 4:26 The human skeleton regenerates itself every 10 years. 4:52 Your eyes stay closed for about 10% of your waking hours. 5:14 Your kidneys filter all of your blood about 25 times a day. 5:45 The pink corner of our eye is the third eyelid. 6:15 The liver is capable of fully regenerating its original size. 6:39 Your heartbeat synchronizes with the rhythm of the music you are listening to. 7:05 The enzymes that are responsible for digesting the food will begin to digest the human body itself after death. 7:32 Some of the atoms in our bodies are stardust that is billions of years old. 7:44 In an average lifetime, the heart pumps around 53 million gallons of blood. 8:14 SUMMARY 17 Jaw-Dropping Facts You Didn't Know About the Human Body: - When you are awake, your brain is known to generate electricity in the amount of about 15-25 watts. This power is quite enough to keep a low-wattage LED lamp shining! - The fun part: the enamel which covers the top of your teeth is the hardest part of your whole body. - Hydrochloric acid is a typical "inhabitant" of a human stomach. This type of acid is industrial-grade and can, in fact, destroy metals! - Even the content of your bloodstreams such as vitamins, drugs, or alcohol, can be found out from a strand of hair analysis. - According to scientists, there are four main facial expressions: angry, afraid/surprised, happy, and sad. Based on these, all the rest of 7,000 expressions are performed. - Babies are born with as many as 270 bones. Later on, some of the bones start fusing together, for instance, the bones of the spine. - The resolution of the human eye is estimated to be around 500 megapixels. It makes them 72 times more precise than the rear camera of iPhone 6. - The skin weight makes lifting up another human being so difficult. Another interesting fact about your skin is that every square inch of it is covered with more than six hundred sweat glands. - You always have a blend of old and new bones in your body. - A person blinks on average 15 times a minute, though it is proved that women do it twice as often as men. - Only one percent of the blood they filter turn into the urine, the rest is redistributed throughout the body. A kidney of an adult isn't big at all, in fact, its size can be compared to that of a fist. - Humans retain a tiny fold in the inner corner of the eye. It is what is left from a membrane birds, and mammals have had for protecting the eye and sweeping out debris, at the same time providing visibility. - People who donate part of their liver to those who are in need, don't have to worry about their health. Their liver will soon regenerate the part which has been donated. - Music, especially the one that contains a continuous increase in volume or tempo, makes your heartbeat synchronize with it. - The enzymes make human organs start to digest the body. And they then team up with microbes, and the process of decomposition begins. - All plants, animals, your food, even your car contain pieces of distant stars. - This fist-sized organ beats around 115 thousand times a day and pumps 2,000 gallons of blood. In a lifetime, the number of its beats can reach 3 billion! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: SMART Youtube: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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From the holes in airplane windows to the coloured squares on toothpaste and plastic cylinder on cables, here are 10 things you most likely dont know the purpose of or did not know the use of. Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ►◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: Featuring... Tyre bumps (aka tread wear inidicators) - These little bumps between your tire treads may seem like a manufacturing defect, but in actuality, like everything in this video, they are thoroughly thought design details. These reliefed rectangles actually mark the minimum safe thread height of your tire. Wine bottle dimple - The correct term for this dimple is the 'punt' and it wasnt actually originally made on purpose. You may have seen people putting their thumb into it while pouring wine, but thats just one of its many purposes. Its actually a remnant from the art of glass blowing. Loop on the back of a shirt - You could probably take a good guess as to what this shirt loop is for, and for most people it sounds logical to assume they are for hanging the shirt on a hook. This is indeed one purpose which has been traced back to east coast sailors who hung their shirts up while changing. Power cable cylinder - Most people see it every day and have no idea what it's for. You may have assumed it's for decoration, but it's never exactly been an eye-catching object, so think again. It's actually called a ferrite bead and it suppresses high frequency noise in the electrical circuits. Plane window holes - Airplane windows are typically made from 3 super-strong layers of synthetic resin or acrylic Perspex that is basically plastic glass.The little holes purpose relates to one of the main challenges behind aircraft engineering - air pressure. Blue erasor - Most people think that the difference colours can erase different types of writing, with the pink being able to erase pensil, while the blue erases ink. If like me you've ever put this to the test then you'll have realise that neither side can erase pen very well, often erasing the pen by means of tearing a hole in your work. The hole in a spagetti spoon - All spagetti spoons have a hole in the bottom. The most obvious purpose you'd probably think of behind it is so that the water drains when you pick up or stir the spaghetti. This isnt the actualy reason though. Metal strips on gas pumps - Have you ever wondered why the rubbery gas pump wires turn into metal at the top? Well the reason behind this is in part due to human stupidity. They ensure that when you drive away like and idiot with the hose still in your care, you dont just destroy the pump. Toothpaste coloured squares - Online tales have been trying to explain these squares for several years, but they do not represent the chemical content of the product, like most are led to believe. In fact, the toothpaste coloured codes are actually known as 'colour marks' or 'eye marks' which are articles of the manufacturing process. They show whether the packet can be either folded or cut as interlocking units stream through machinery at high speeds. Little hole in the padlock - Many padlocks have little round holes next to the key hole. Its first use is as a means of lubraication, so that you can pour in oil to the mechanism in case it gets stuck. Secondly, it works as a drain in case theres ever water or other resedue in the padlock, for example after rain. Music credit: 'Airship Serenity' Kevin MacLeod (, Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License,

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The progress doesn’t stand still and new functions make our gadgets closer to the devices from science-fiction movies! Many everyday tasks can be made so much simpler if you master a few tricks when handling your Android device. Here is a list of such awesome hidden features! TIMESTAMPS Cloning applications 0:51 Downloading videos and audios from YouTube 1:41 Turning your smartphone into a digital scale 2:26 Switching to two-window mode with one touch 3:10 Switching to safe mode 3:39 Using offline maps 4:15 Paying with your phone instead of a credit card 4:56 A scanner that’s always at hand 6:01 Unlimited search 6:38 Linking two smartphones together 7:17 SUMMARY - If you are lucky to have a fresh version of Android, there you can find a menu option called “App Cloner.” It allows you to duplicate the desired applications with a single tap. - By default, Google hides apps that enable you to download YouTube videos from its official store. However, there are plenty of third-party developer applications you can easily get! - A special app can transform your gadget into a digital scale. Install this app, calibrate it with a small air cushion or any other object whose weight is known in advance (such as a coin) and you are ready to go! - Want to read an e-book and use a dictionary at the same time without having to switch screens? To do this, open the right app, and hold the task list key (to the right of the "Home" button). - To enable safe mode, you need to switch on your phone or tablet, press the power button again and hold it. When a menu appears, press and hold the onscreen “Off“ or ”Power Off" key. When safe mode option appears, click “OK.” - The best solution is to download online maps to your phone and disable mobile Internet while leaving GPS switched on. Your location will still be displayed on offline maps, thanks to satellite data — without any cost to you. - With the help of the NFC modules, built into many phone models, you can link your credit card to an account in the relevant system (Android Pay or Apple Pay). This will enable you to pay with your phone in any of the thousands of stores that accept contactless payments. - Did you know that you can scan any document or photo with your smartphone camera? To take full advantage of this feature, you’ll need to download one of the special applications that will not only recognize the document but also save it to the cloud and send a copy to the intended recipient. - With an application called Google Goggles, you can find anything you want! This app’s peculiarity is in the fact that instead of typing in your search queries you are using your smartphone camera! - Thanks to One-Touch-Go (OTG) function, any modern smartphone can be linked to a peripheral device including another smartphone! To do it, you need to fit one phone with a USB female adapter and the second phone with a micro-USB cable. After the phones identify the cable and the adapter you can safely connect them. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Do you know that humans experience the same emotions as animals do when they see each other? They both think of the other creature as “cute” and “dangerous” at the same time. There are a lot of interesting facts about animals that resemble human behavior that most of us are unaware of. We at Bright Side collected some interesting and heartwarming facts about animals that will make you love them even more. TIMESTAMPS: Otters 0:50 Squirrels 1:07 Dolphins 1:23 Puffins 1:37 Oysters 1:53 Seahorses 2:08 Male puppies 2:21 Quokkas 2:36 Cows 2:50 Penguins 3:05 Octopuses 3:25 Little chickens 3:45 Red pandas 4:00 Polar bears 4:21 Baby elephants 4:42 Grizzly bears 4:58 Baby coalas 5:14 Cats 5:29 Squirrels 5:40 Sea otters 5:51 Preview photo credit: Sleeping sea otters (Enhydra lutris) holding hands, photographed at the Vancouver Aquarium, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: By Joe Robertson from Austin, Texas, USA. - holding hands., CC BY 2.0, Animation is created by Bright Side. Music: SUMMARY: - Otters show their babies when they are facing danger to make a predator feel compassion for them. - Not only do dolphins have their own language, but they also have names for each one of their friends when they are calling out to them. - Oysters can change their gender — they can make that decision depending on which one is considered best for mating. - Male puppies will sometimes let female puppies “win” when they play together, in order to get to know them better. - Cows make best friends with other cows and when they are apart they experience really bad anxiety. - Octopuses collect shiny objects and crustacean shells in order to build a garden around their caves. They do this to stay “undercover” in order to protect themselves and their homes. - Red pandas have very naturally bushy tails which they use as a blanket during the winter in order to keep warm while sleeping. - Baby elephants suck on their trunk for comfort just like humans do with their thumbs when they are babies. - After a koala baby grows up and gets bigger than the mom’s pouch, mom will carry her baby on her back. - Squirrels adopt and take care of other baby squirrels if they are orphans. - Sea otters hold hands while they are asleep to prevent drifting apart while floating. - Puffins mate for life — Once they find their partner, they build their home on a cliff, and stay there for the rest of their lives. - Seahorses mate forever. Once they are partners they always hold each other’s tail. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Loads of life hacks and solutions exist for everyday problems. Here are some of the most genius ones! Subscribe for more! ► ◄ Stay updated ► ◄ For copyright queries or general inquiries please get in touch: Credit: *Amazon Affiliate* Links: (Be Amazed makes a commission for purchases made through the following links) #30 – Flip Belt - #29 – Smart Carts #28 – Self Closing Toilet Seat - #27 – Parking Space Lines #26 – Foot Operated Door Opener - #25 – The Squatty Potty - #24–Keep Your Computer Woke #23 – Highlighters - #22 –Coffee Ice Cubes #21 –Avocado Ripening #20 – Wash Your Hands With The Toilet - #19 –Deskparts Separated By Steps #18 –Beach Accessibility Mat #17 – Pill Bottle Lid Tracker - #16 – Laundromat With A Twist #15 –Webcam Covers - #14 – Inflatable Mattress For Cars - #13 – Help Me Baskets #12 – Pull Chain Ornaments - #11 –No More Waiting #10 –Tags For Broken Carts #9 – Spatula With A Stand - #8 – Hat In A Bag Of Air #7 –Gapless Bathroom Stalls #6 –Door Handle Hand Sanitizer Dispenser #5 –Brownie labeling perfection #4 –Cocktails-to-go #3 - Traffic Lights Of The Future #2 – Easily Serve Pringles #1 –Toilet Paper Testing

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Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts:  For copyright matters please contact us at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music: 1. Transportation by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 2. Santo Rico by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 3. Fat Caps by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 4. Okey Dokey Smokey by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 5. Bounce Ball by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: 6. Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: 7. Macaroon 5 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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BUY MY MERCH OUT NOW! JOIN THE FAMILY ➜ ➜ Join the VLOG Squad: ➜ “21 Things You Didn't Know About Everyday Objects” GET THIS VIDEO TO 150,000 LIKES! EXTRA MACBOOK ENTRIES: 10 Everyday Things You're Doing Wrong: Max's DIY CHANNEL JUMBO BUNNY: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If you see this comment: "mmmmm spaghetti" STALK ME or TALK TO ME using #wengiecorns Vlog Channel: ❄ I N S T A G R A M➜ ❄ S N A P C H A T ➜ @wengie ❄ T W I T T E R ➜ - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - For business inquiries ONLY, please email my management company, Rare Global, at - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Here are 21 things you didn't know about everyday objects that you can use as life hacks or fun facts. Last time you loved my pranks for back to school so maybe I'll do another DIY one for you guys next time. I'm not sure how to best prank but you can give me some ideas on how to prank. The next video may be a life hack or perhaps a routine not sure yet what do you think, Wengie This video is NOT sponsored.

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Photos That Prove Japan Is Not Like Any Other Country Follow us on instagram: @Scoop_Gram Like our facebook page: You might know Japan as home to anime, sumo wrestlers and Cherry blossoms but What about all of their extremely innovative toilets? Have you ever Dreamed about Your train always arriving on time? Drainage canals that look like Koi ponds? Or Vending machines filled with fresh eggs? Bored Panda has complied some Of the Weirdest inventions (seriously, you won't believe how many toilets), cultural practices And random facts about Japanese culture that make Japan a must visit destination. Source: ***********************--------------****** Other videos: People Who Are Having A Worse Day Than You (NEW!) Part 2! People Who Summarized Movies In The Best Way And It's Hilarious (Part 2) People Getting Entirely Too Comfortable on Public Transportation Woman Finds Baby Buried Alive While Jogging, She Met Him Again 20 Years Later Nerds Next To Girls (Awkward Photos) The True Meaning Of Flags... Signs That Have Some Explaining to Do Hilarious Similarities That Not Everyone Will Notice People Who Summarized Movies In The Best Way And It's Hilarious Bizarre Toilets From Around the World Signs That Have Some Explaining to Do Woman Finds Baby Buried Alive While Jogging, Here’s How He Looks 20 Years Later If This Doesn't Make You Uncomfortable... Go See A Doctor Wholesome Pictures Showing True Animal Human Friendship NEVER Post A Selfie Without Checking The Background! #2 People Who Tried Cleaning Things And The Results Were Satisfying (Part 2!) Genius Ideas That Prove That Less Is More People Are Sharing Hilariously Bad Stock Photos Of Their Jobs Kids Who Are Crying For Ridiculous Reasons (Part 2!) They Didn't Realize There Is Something Wrong Until They Checked The Photos Later Someone Please Explain What's Happening Here... Priceless Comments From the Internet Genius Punny Restaurant Names You Resist Not Going To These People Clearly Have No Idea What They Are Wearing 10+ People Shared Their Unexpected Finds That Happen Once in a Lifetime (Part 2) Incredible Pictures That Might Teach You Something Kids Who Are Crying For Ridiculous Reasons (NEW!) Angry Kittens Who Demand To Be Taken Seriously Right Meow! People Who Are The Thinkers Of Their Generation These People Clearly Regret Getting A Cat People Are Going Crazy Over Dieting... Coincidences That Are Too Good to Be True People Who Are Either Really Stupid or Totally Genius (Part 2!) People Who Tried Cleaning Things And The Results Were Satisfying Amazing Photos Of Everyday Things Cut in Half Epic Sights Dripping With Misery NEVER Post A Selfie Without Checking The Background! Look Twice To Understand What You Are Looking At (New!) The Winners Of The Greatest Photoshop Battles Ever Hilarious Comics That Will Make Your Day (Part 6) NEVER Leave Your Pet With Someone Else Absurd Photos That Can Leave Anyone Stupefied (Part 2!)

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Are you ready for these amazing OMG facts that will blow your mind? From questions you have always had to things you’ve never dreamed to think about this list will have you scratching your head. If you love crazy facts or random trivia this list is for you! We have unbelievable facts, totally believable facts, and some facts that will just make you wonder. Do you like to learn? Do you love trivia? Then check out these 25 OMG facts that will blow your mind! You know we love to edu-tain you and this list will do exactly that. From the origins of the cappuccino to the benefits of breastfeeding to the one thing you should NEVER eat, this list will blow your mind with the incredible unbelievable facts we have collected for you. Do you know how to extend the range of your car keys? What about the true color of polar bear fur? Did you know that ketchup was once use as a medication? All these and more crazy facts when you watch this list! Make sure to check out this list of oh my god facts and leave us a comment telling us which fact you just couldn’t believe! Full List, Photo Credits, and Sources: SUBSCRIBE - Follow us on: List25 Facebook - List25 Instagram: List25 Twitter - List25 Pinterest: See more Top 25 lists on our website: Music Source: Scratch the Itch by Quincas Moreira

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Knowing what you should do when dealing with the police is really useful. Following some simple rules will keep you out of trouble in an emergency situation. At some point in your life, you’ll have to deal with law enforcement officers, even if you haven't broken any laws. We’ll be answering the most common “What if...” and “Can they...” questions about the police. Remember, when dealing with law enforcement officers, stay calm and respectful at all times, never argue with or touch a police officer, and always state out loud if you do not consent. Music: Scratch the Itch - Quincas Moreira TIMESTAMPS What do I do if a police officer stops me on the street? 0:34 Do I have to answer their questions? 1:21 What to do if I'm being asked to leave a public place? 1:41 What if law enforcement officers pull me over? 2:18 Why do police officers touch your car when they pull you over? 2:57 What if I’ve been mistreated by the police? 3:26 What do I do if a police officer asks me for a bribe? 3:58 What should I do if officers come to my house? 4:45 Can officers search me, my home, my car, or my bag? 6:00 Do I have to show officers my immigration documents? 6:25 If I'm entering with valid travel papers, can law enforcement officers stop and search me? 6:51 Can airport security search my laptop files? 7:20 What if I’m selected for a strip search? 7:41 What if I witness a crime? 8:01 What to do if I need help from the police? 8:50 SUMMARY -If a police officer stops you on the street, it doesn't always mean they think you’ve committed a crime. Stay polite and answer questions about your name and where you live. If you’re visiting another country, always carry a copy of your ID with you. -You have the right to remain silent and will never be punished for not answering a question. -Police officers don't need any written document forcing you to leave the premises but they cannot order you to move if you’re protesting some political issue or taking part in a strike. -When pulled over by the police, stay calm and polite, step outside if the officer asks you to and only answer questions in connection with the reason you were pulled over. -Police officers touch your car when they pull you over to leave their fingerprints on it. This can prove that they had an encounter with a certain driver. -Write down the officer's badge number, their name, or any other identifying information, document your injuries if any, call a lawyer and file a complaint for the mistreatment. -An officer can never demand money from you, but if that happens, stay polite and pay attention to all details to report the incident later. -If the officers come to search your house, make sure they have the right warrant to do it, call your lawyer, take note of what’s going on and find somebody to be your witness to watch the search -If you don't want the police to search your belongings, you have to say out loud, “I do not consent.” -Always carry your immigration documents on you at all times to avoid problems. -Customs officers and TSA agents have the right to stop, detain, and search any person or item entering the country. -Register a complaint with the TSA to find out the reason for your laptop files search. -The officers are obliged to take you to a private area for a strip search, and the searching officer must be the same sex as you. -If you witness a crime, protect yourself, call for help if necessary, don't touch or move anything and pay attention to every detail so that you can explain everything to the police when they arrive. -Call 911 or your local police department if you need help from the police. Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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There aren’t many people out there who know about all the amazing things these devices are capable of. We would like to end this vicious circle and tell you about eight fascinating features of Android. Setting #2 is our favorite – it will keep your phone's battery going for longer. TIMESTAMPS Control your smartphone with head movements 0:43 Text-to-speech 1:28 Smartphone remote control 1:59 Turning on Guest Mode 2:35 Screen magnifier 3:10 Hotspot mode 3:37 The easiest way to save your battery power 4:15 A secret game 4:44 #androidsettings #androidsecrets #phonecodes SUMMARY - After installing a free app called EVA Facial Mouse, you’ll be able to control your Android device with movements of your head! - If you prefer to hear incoming information rather than see it, go to Settings/Accessibility and turn on the Text-to-Speech Output option. - Just go to Settings/Security/Device administrators, and check the boxes next to Android Device Manager, Remotely locate this device, and Allow remote lock and erase. Now if you lose your smartphone, you can locate and block it without losing your data via a special website. - If you would like to give your phone to another person yet keep your personal data confidential, use Guest Mode. Swipe down from the top with two fingers, and touch the user icon on the upper right. The Add guest icon will appear. - People with poor eyesight often have no idea how much this feature can help them. Just go to Settings / Accessibility / Magnification gestures. Then you’ll be able to zoom in on any part of the display just by tapping it. - To use the Internet on different devices, go to Settings / Tethering and portable hotspot, and turn on Portable WLAN hotspot. That’s it! - If you choose a black or simple dark background for your screen, the automatic pixel highlighting will turn off, and you’ll notice that your device keeps its charge for much longer. - Starting with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Google puts a small secret present for users into all their devices. However, finding it may prove to be quite difficult. Here are instructions on how to do it despite the odds. First, go to Settings and choose About phone or About tablet. Quickly tap Android version several times, and when a small marshmallow shows up on the screen, quickly tap it again, and a special mini-game will open. Don’t forget to hit the like button below the video and click subscribe to join us on the Bright Side of life! Subscribe to Bright Side : ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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What are some of the most interesting facts about World War 1 that you don't know? We compiled a list so you don't have to! SUBSCRIBE TO US -► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- WEBSITE (SUGGEST A TOPIC): SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► SOCIAL: Twitter........► Subreddit...► -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode:

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The Sony PlayStation 2 is one of the most popular and beloved consoles of all time, but there are some things about the PS2 that you didn’t know about. Subscribe to The Gamer! Click here: #PlayStation If you played video games at all in the first half of the 2000’s, then chances are that you’ll have played them on a PlayStation 2. But, despite their ubiquity, there are still some things that you may not have known about the PS2. And, today, we are going to tell you about them. If you owned a PS2, then there's a good chance that you might have used it to watch a DVD. But did you know that it helped revolutionize that part of home entertainment? We'll tell you about that today, as well as the design feature which made the system really stand out. Not only that, but we’ll tell you how its design helped keep a long forgotten idea, and a company that had seen far better days, in the public consciousness of gamers across the world. You'll also see how the PS2 was able to deliver high-definition graphics, even if there weren't many games that highlighted HD. If you've ever wondered whether the PS2 could keep track of the games you've played, the answer is yes, it can, and we’ll tell you how you can tell. We will also look at some times when you could use your PlayStation 2 for some pretty dark stuff, including the reason why one particularly unpleasant character bought 4,000 PS2s. Keep watching until the end where we’ll tell you all about how owning a PlayStation 2 means that you have entered the gaming record books. Check out these other awesome videos: 6 Things PUBG Can Do That Fortnite CAN'T Which Far Cry Villain Is The Most EVIL? Script by: Peter Henn Voice Over by: Michael Neeb Edited by: Kyle West Our Social Media: Our Website

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Hilarious Examples Of People Having Bad Day Follow us on instagram: @Scoop_Gram Like our facebook page: Join our facebook group "Scoop Family": Having a rough Monday? Well, we're about to give you a little bit of comfort. Below, Bored Panda has put together of list of people who are having a pretty bad Monday. And by pretty bad, we mean a porcupine falling from a tree to your head bad. Or having paint spill literally all over your car. Yeah, not really the best way to start the week. But hey, at least it gives us comfort. Don't forget to like and subscribe! Source of the photos: ***********************--------------****** Other videos: Hilarious Comics For Socially Awkward People By Portuguese Geese Only Human Will Relate To These Memes Aliens Won't Relate (Part 3!) Weird Animal Facts They Didn’t Teach You In School People With Anxiety Will Relate To These Memes What's Inside a $1.7m Super Luxury MotorHome? Artist Makes Funny And Clever Illustrations And Not Everyone Will Understand Them... Art History Memes Are Your New Favorite Memes (Part 2) Weird Things That We All Notice In Our Society... Dogs Who Surprised Humans With Their Incredibly Heroic Acts Which Disney Character Would Look The Hottest In Real Life? The Unseen Sides Of Common Things... Woman Who Used To Weigh Almost 500lbs Recreates Her Old Photos and The Result Is Amazing People Who Relied Too Much On Google Translate... Broke But Genius People Unbelievable Example Of The Power of Destiny Only Single People Will Relate... Kids Who Are Crying For The Most Ridiculous Reasons Art History Memes Are Your New Favorite Memes "I'm Not Lazy, I'm a Genius" Funny And Weird Google Search Suggestions That Make Zero Sense People Sharing Their Most Embarrassing Moment At The Gym Missing Dog Surprises His Family By Coming Back With A Note Explaining What He Did Hilarious Cat Snapchats That Will Make Your Day (Part 3!) Only Human Will Relate To These Memes (Aliens Won't Relate) #2 Unbelievable Examples Of Things Being Worn Down Over Time (Part 2) The Greatest School Snapchats By Bored Students Oddly Satisfying Food Photos That We Can’t Stop Looking At Unexpected Advertisement On Vehicle Fails Epic Toy Fails That Are Hard To Believe Have Actually Happened Woman Performs Surgery On Monarch Butterfly With Broken Wing, Next Day It Surprises Her The Weirdest Beauty Gadgets Ever That Will Make You Facepalm Most Hilarious And Clever Puns Jokes What It’s Like To Have Kids In Your 20's? This Video Will Change The Way You See Beauty (By Mihaela Noroc) The Most Extreme Transformations Actors Made For A Role This Potato Will Make You Feel Better These Cats Snapchats Will Make Your Day (Part 2!) Boy Walks 4.8 Km In Freezing Cold To Attend His School Goes Viral On The Internet If It Were Not Captured, No One Would Believe It Guy Travels To Meet His Long Distance Girlfriend Illustrates Every Moment Of It This Video Will Make You Feel Less Useless Never Leave Your Kids Home Alone... #2

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Easy life hacks to speed up your beauty routine and make you look perfect every day 1. Insane hacks for your smile Here are some alternative ways to clean your teeth. These natural homemade recipes work magic and won't cost much. - Strawberry is a great berry that is not only delicious, but will help you to whiten your teeth. Mix one strawberry with some toothpaste to get white teeth and fresh breath. - Don't like strawberries? Mix some fresh lemon juice with a teaspoon soda. You'll see whitening effect in just a month! - For the third recipe you'll need some activated carbon and mix it with water. This black mixture will save your teeth and whiten them. - Mix kiwi and cucumber together. Brush your teeth with this mixture for seven days and enjoy the results! - One last budget teeth hack for you - use some banana peel. And don't forget to use a chewing gum after your meal! 2. How to make your hair smooth and shiny If you want to get the perfect hair, comb your hair before washing. Have shower with the temperature of the water 40-50c. Don't apply shampoo directly to your hair. Instead, pour a little on your palm and make a lather. Then massage it into your scalp, spread along the length of your hair and rinse with cold water. Apply hair balsam along your hair's length and wash it off after 5-7 minutes. Finally, take a cold shower. 3. Care for your hair after washing Pat them dry with a towel. Don't rub, don't twist, don't wring out not to damage your hair! Allow it to dry a little and apply few drops of hair oil or thermal protection to your tips. Brush it with a coarse-toothed comb. If you want, you may dry it with a hair dryer, but remember to use cold air and dry it from the roots to the tips. Always finish drying with cold air. Timestamps: 01:18 How to get perfect curls during the night 04:21 Whiten your teeth 05:22 How to get rid of a double chin 12:15 DIY peel-off black face mask 15:41 Awesome makeup hacks Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts:  ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: The Bright Side of Youtube: SMART Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music: 1. 8-Bit March by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: 2. Autumn Day by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: 3. Bird In Hand by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: 4. Chasin' It by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: 5. Double Blues by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Artist: 6. Flutey Funk by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: 7. Hackbeat by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist: 8. Ice Flow by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution licence ( Source: Artist:

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Hello friends in this new DIY tutorial of how to make this 10 awesome life hacks at home with very easy things that you can find in your house. Hope you enjoy this smart ideas and new tricks, are simple and amazing project for your school or making with friends :). See you in the next 5 minutes craft video! Greetings from Fernando ★★ Contact ★★: My Last Videos ★ How to Make a RC Coca Cola Car ★ ★ 15 AWESOME LIFE HACKS! ★ ★ Google + ★ Think Tank de Audionautix está sujeta a una licencia de Creative Commons Attribution ( Artista:

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Here are 10 hidden features you probably didn't know your iPhone could do. Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Commentator:

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HOW TO BECOME CRAFTY First of all I wanna share with you amazing photo transfer ideas. What a great way to save your memories! Straws are unbelievably fun and multifunctional! There are way too many incredible things you can do with them! I'll show you how to make mini packages for shampoo, cream and other kinds of hyeginic products for travelling, how to organize cable ties, make super cute decoration items, toys and jewelry! There's just too many genius ideas you can make with simple stones and pebbles! You can create amazing pebble mat to relax your feet, make adorable decoration for planters, you can even make crosses and noughts game and dominoes, plus you can add some nail polish to make it even better! Check out these incredibly handy and stylish cement ideas! You can use them for decoration purposes: beautiful plant and flower pots, garden décor and many other great ideas just for you! ;) Timestamps: 2:34 Crazy straws 4:25 Stylish yarn belt 7:55 Shaving foam painting 12:47 Cool soap ideas ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Subscribe to 5-Minute MAGIC: Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts GIRLY: Subscribe 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: The Bright Side of Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: Music: Forever Believe by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Comparsa - Latinesque by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Source: Artist: Dat Groove by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Be Bop 25 by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist: Spanish Summer by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license ( Artist:

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Incredible crafting hacks for life Creative and beautiful crafts you can make in just five minutes to decorate your apartment and make your life easier! How to make adorable pom poms using a fork (09:27) If you want to make wonderful and easy pom poms, you will just need yarn, scissors and... a fork! Wind some yarn around the spoon and tie its end in the middle. Now cut the yarn on both sides. Well done - now you have a cute little pom pom. Here is a cool bonus for your: you can make a comfy and cute little rug from it. Glue the colorful pom poms together and decorate your apartment! How to make cool plastic key chain (02:26) With this awesome crafting life hack you will be able to make an awesome key chain from any picture of your preference. Cut out a piece of plastic from old plastic packages. Transfer your favorite picture on it using colored markers. Cut out the shape if the picture. Here is the trick - microwave it for 2 minutes. You may use these little pendants as key chains or as bracelets or necklaces decor. How to transfer a picture on a candle (06:42) You will need to take a tissue paper, attach it to the candle and wrap with parchment paper. Take a hair dryer and warm up the candle to transfer the image from a tissue paper. Remove parchment paper. The beautiful candle is ready. It can be an awesome handmade gift for your friends and family. How to make pretty DIY hair clips (00:17) Pour some nail polish inside a plastic bottle cap. Take a piece of wire and make a cute little flower from it. Place the petals of your wire flower inside the nail polish and let it dry. Using a hot glue gun, attach the flower to the hair clip. Well done! It looks so lovely! How to seal an envelope using crayons (03:49) Do you life sending real paper letters? If yes, then this life hack is just for you, it will make your letters a bit more sophisticated. Take a crayon and melt it over an envelope using a lighter. When it is still warm, place a coin on top and let dry. Now remove the coin - you will get a cool stamp of your email. Timestamps: 01:35 DIY nail polish pendants 03:25 Handmade crayon print on your T-shirt 05:23 How to make a Fanta candle 08:00 Tiny bow on a fork 10:13 Straw crafting hacks Subscribe to 5-Minute Crafts KIDS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: Instagram: Have you ever seen a talking slime? Here he is – Slick Slime Sam: The Bright Side of Youtube: SMART Youtube: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit:

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Top things Americans do that confuse everyone else! These are the confusing and weird customs of americans and things americans do that confuse the rest of the world! #5. “Hollywood Smile”-- Another place that foreigners think Americans are wasting water is at the Dentist’s office. While dental hygiene in other countries may not be as bad as it is stereotyped to be, like in England, they aren’t quite as obsessed with attaining or maintaining the perfect smile in the way that Americans have. Where Americans have been known to spend thousands of dollars on braces and whitening procedures in order to get a pearly white Hollywood grill many foreigners are content with crooked and discolored teeth as long as they aren’t falling out or making them look like Nosferatu. Most foreigners from first world nations care about their teeth, they just haven’t become indoctrinated with the intense beauty standards American society has made a part of its culture in regards to dental perfection. In many countries, having a brighter than normal smile that is unnaturally straight is viewed as superficial to the point of being unattractive or off-putting. #4. “Dining Out”-- Tipping your server and taking home leftover food. Two habits that are so ingrained in the American dining experience that they can be hard to kick, but rest assured if you try doing these outside of the US you are sure to draw confused looks and reveal your Stars and Stripes. In most Asian and European countries a service charge is either already included in your bill or it is not customary to leave a tip. In many places if you do try to tip you can offend your waiter, this is because a tip can be seen as a person having pity on their server or offering some sort of charity. In some countries giving good service is expected whereas in the United States the food industry has become a sort of meritocracy. Foreigners see this as absurd, why should a server be rewarded for something they should be doing in the first place? However, In places where tipping is insulting waitstaff aren’t ridiculously underpaid like they are in the U.S. The other habit that can draw the scoffs of onlookers at a restaurant outside the United States is asking for a ‘doggy bag’ or ‘to-go box’. In many countries, especially European ones the idea of saving a hot meal at a restaurant in order to reheat it and eat it at home is a disgusting prospect. Many dining cultures believe that the food is meant to be eaten exactly how it is prepared by the chef or cook at that moment, not to be consumed after the various sauces and meat juices congeal or have their perfect grilling or baking sullied by your microwave. A lot of the reason that Americans have developed this custom of bringing scraps home with them is due to portion sizes being generally much larger in the States than elsewhere. This may be a result of capitalist consumers becoming obsessed with getting their money’s worth causing restaurants to have slowly battled to stuff people’s gullets.


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