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Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-23T13:00:05.000Z

Emma pretend play with her restaurant kitchen kids toys and make a pretend buffet dinner party for Auntie Joyce! Emma pretend cooks all kinds of food such as salad, pizza, salmon, fruit salad, seafood, and more. As Emma is doing the dishes and cleaning up a bunny and a mouse came in and ate the food! Auntie Joyce comes back and helps Emma cook food for the dinner buffet party.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-19T13:00:00.000Z

Emma pretend play with Frozen Elsa doll and selling bracelets and necklaces at her jewelry shop toy store. Elsa arrives at Emma’s jewelry store and wants to buy some cute new jewelry. Emma sells bracelets, headbands, necklaces and rings. All of Emma’s jewelry toys are handmade. She also has a machine that braids bracelets and necklaces together!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-17T13:00:01.000Z

Wendy play plays with her princess ride on horse carriage toy and dresses up like a princess for a party! The carriage has a broken wheel and she needs it towed to Lyndon the toy fixer. Uncle K uses his tractor to help her tow it to Lyndon and he fixes it for her. After he fixed the princess carriage he recommended her to go to Auntie Rose’s dress and beauty store. Wendy goes to Auntie’s store and buys a new dress and does makeup to go to the party!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-11T13:00:05.000Z

Emma and Jannie pretend play with a pink soda vending machine toy for kids. The vending machine dispenses toy drinks. Emma and Jannie learn about coins and play money by putting it into the vending machine.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-15T13:00:03.000Z

Emma pretend play shopping with her new grocery supermarket food toy store for kids! Emma opened a new supermarket and her first customer is Uncle K. He buys a lot of fruit and vegetable toys and checks out. However, her apples had funny worms coming out of it so he returned it. Uncle Tim the police officer closed down her supermarket and told her to fix it. Auntie Joyce arrived and helped her clean up the mess and show her how to properly run a supermarket. New customers came and bought pretend food and groceries from her!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-30T13:00:00.000Z

Emma and Jannie pretend play with a hair beauty salon toys and accessories doing cute hair styles for their customers. Auntie Joyce and Emma have a hair salon and is styling Uncle John and Jannie’s hair. They didn’t do a very good job and go back to hair style school to learn how to style peoples hair. Auntie Joyce learns the proper way to style hair and shows Emma how to do it for their customers!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-13T13:00:07.000Z

Police Jannie and Wendy pretend play at their jail playhouse and giving people jail time. Police Jannie reminds people to follow the rules and not break the law or else they might go to jail. Funny educational video showing kids good versus bad manners.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-05-06T12:00:01.000Z

Emma pretend plays shopping with a giant grocery store super market toy with her Uncles and Auntie! She sells food toys, pretend fruit and vegetables toys, clothes, disney princess dolls and more. Emma helps her customers pick good and fresh products. She even helps Auntie pick out an outfit for a party. Emma and Auntie fix a Frozen Elsa scooter because it was broken.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-26T13:00:09.000Z

Jannie pretend play cooking BBQ kids food toys with her cute kitchen play set! Auntie Joyce told Jannie she needs to finish her homework before she plays with her new kitchen toy. Uncle K comes in and checks out the cool kitchen toy. He was pretend cooking and the kitchen accidentally broke. He fixed it with his tools and they all played with the kitchen and food toys together.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-20T13:00:01.000Z

Wendy, Emma, Jannie, & Lyndon pretend play saving Christmas morning for everybody and deliver presents for Santa Claus to kids! They all wake up on Christmas morning and check under the Christmas tree for their presents, but nothing is there. They decide to go on an adventure to the North Pole where Santa lives to ask him what is going on. When they arrive the Elf Uncle K tells them that Santa got sick and didn’t finish wrapping the gifts for everybody. The kids decide to help Santa wrap and deliver the presents and save Christmas for everybody! Cute and funny children’s Christmas story.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-14T13:00:00.000Z

Jannie pretend play as a police officer and helps Santa Clause give presents. Santa Clause was running late and had to pass a stop sign on his way passing out presents to people. Auntie Rose got a present, Uncle John got one, but Uncle K didn’t because he was on the naughty list. Santa Clause got lost and accidentally went into jail!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-28T13:00:10.000Z

Wendy and Lyndon are singing nursery rhymes songs for kids and pretend playing with instrument toys at the talent show! They begin with the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star song, but it made the audience sleepy because it’s a baby song! They decide to go to the music store to buy new music toys and also learn new nursery rhymes to perform. They trade in their xylophone and maracas for a piano and guitar toy. Auntie Rose shows them how to practice and use their new instruments. They go back to the talent show and perform the Wheels on the Bus song and do the Floss dance to win over the judges!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-18T13:00:10.000Z

Emma pretend play feeding and giving a bath to her pet animal toys and takes care of them for people. She has a shop made of kids toys that is like a animal hotel for animals toys! Emma helps animals feel better if they aren’t feeling good and feeds them milk! She also learns that pets take a lot of time and responsibility to take care of!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-04T13:00:06.000Z

Emma and Jannie pretend play with their Mcdonalds restaurant food toys. Jannie has a small Mcdonalds cart and kitchen and Emma has a giant Mcdonalds restaurant float. They can’t decide who sells better Mcdonalds food, so they make some for Uncle K to judge. They both made a happy meal, but they both failed Uncle K’s food test. They decide to work together and sell food to their customers instead of competing!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-09T13:00:08.000Z

Wendy and Pikachu from Pokemon pretend play their morning routine and brushing their teeth. Wendy reminds her friend Pikachu to brush his teeth or else his teeth might go bad. They go brush their teeth, but Pikachu’s toothbrush is too small. They go to the toy store to buy a giant toothbrush. They finish brushing their teeth and then they go get some morning exercise with the Head Shoulders Knees and Toes nursery rhyme song. Finally they get their backpacks and eat breakfast before going to school.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-22T13:00:01.000Z

Jannie & Wendy pretend play wash your hands to the Johny Johny Yes Papa nursery rhymes song! Jannie is playing with her paint set and suddenly wants to eat some french fries. Uncle John reminds her to wash her hands before eating. Jannie goes over to her kinetic sand pit and plays with the sand. She comes back to the french fries and wants to eat some however she hasn’t washed her hands yet. Uncle John reminds her to go wash her hand before eating. Jannie goes to the bathroom and washes her hand with soap and water. Wendy arrives and plays with some play-doh toys with Jannie. They want to eat french fries so they go wash their hands before eating! Fun video to help kids learn about good hygiene!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2019-01-05T13:00:12.000Z

Wendy pretend play with her guitar toy and dresses up as Disney princess Elena and sings nursery rhymes kids songs! She takes singing lessons from Uncle K and tries out for the talent show. She didn’t practice much and lost to Uncle Tim. She goes back to Uncle K and he teaches her how to play the guitar toy correctly. She dresses up in an Elena costume and sings Old Macdonald song and wins the talent show!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-12-02T13:00:06.000Z

Wendy and Auntie Joyce goes to an indoor playground and plays hide and seek with the peekaboo song! The indoor playground has all kinds of fun activities such as slides, play place, jumper, bounce animals, and more! Have fun with Wendy pretend playing at the playground!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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DisLikes : 22326

Published Date : 2018-10-17T12:00:16.000Z

Wendy pretend play dressing up as a princess and also playing with makeup kids toys for girls! Wendy tries to do her own makeup and hair, but messes up. Auntie helps her, but when they tried using the makeup vanity table it broke! Auntie goes to the toy fixer to get it fixed, but it was too expensive to fix. Instead, she goes to the toy store because he is selling a very cute makeup table on sale. Auntie takes it home and finds Wendy already in her cute Disney princess Rapunzel dress. Auntie does her makeup with the toys and Wendy puts on cute shoes and princess tiara!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-11-21T01:30:00.000Z

Emma pretend play as a cop and pretends to put people in her jail playhouse toy for kids. Jannie threw her trash bag outside in a no littering zone, so she had to go to jail. After that, Auntie Joyce was picking flowers at a garden that didn’t allow people to remove flowers. Uncle K was fishing in a no fishing zone and had to go to the jail playhouse for a few minutes. Lastly, Emma helped Uncle John find his toy birthday cake that he lost.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 18956459

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Published Date : 2018-12-06T13:00:05.000Z

Wendy pretend play delivering food with her pink Barbie food truck toy. Wendy was working for Uncle Tim delivering food, but was too slow. Uncle John gave her an opportunity to work for him and sell from his food truck. The food truck has a kitchen in the back with a sink, stove, and a sink! She makes a bunch of yummy food for all of her customers to enjoy.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 33273478

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DisLikes : 28382

Published Date : 2018-05-16T12:00:09.000Z

Emma pretend plays with her Mcdonalds toy and goes to a fun garage sale! Auntie sold a Mcdonalds toy that Emma was still playing with at her garage sale. She apologizes and takes her to buy another Mcdonalds toy. They go to Uncle K’s garage sale to see if he has another Mcdonalds drive thru toy. Auntie doesn’t have enough money, so they have to beat Uncle K’s food challenge. Emma separates the healthy food from the unhealthy food and wins the challenge! Auntie and Emma goes home and pretend plays with the Mcdonalds toy. Emma uses the kitchen to cook some yummy Mcdonalds pretend food.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors FAN

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DisLikes : 13

Published Date : 2018-09-18T14:12:34.000Z

Jannie pretend play cooking pretend food with a giant kitchen toy! Her Uncle lets her play with it after she finishes her math homework. Jannie and her Uncle does food challenges to see who can make the best food with a surprise food. Jannie makes a pretend food ham sandwich and her Uncle makes cupcakes! They go to the toy store and buy some more food toys. Lyndon and his Uncle comes over and plays with Jannie and her Uncle!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 42379565

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DisLikes : 32528

Published Date : 2018-05-14T12:00:08.000Z

Wendy is pretend cooking with her new BBQ grill toy. They go to the toy store and buy the new Little Tikes Cook ‘n Grow BBQ Grill toy set. Wendy sells her old toy horse for some money to buy some pretend food. They go back to the toy store and buy a bucket of food toys to play with. Wendy goes back home and cooks food for Auntie, Uncle, and Lyndon! After they are all done playing they do their homework.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-05-22T12:00:04.000Z

Emma pretend cooks with a giant cute kitchen and food truck toy with her Uncles. Emma goes to her chicken coop and gets some toy eggs to cook for her Uncle to eat. Emma cooks her Uncle some pretend food when Uncle Tim appears with his food truck toy. Uncle Tim is selling hamburgers, hotdogs, ice cream, and many other pretend food toys. Emma sees the competition and decides to make something that Uncle Tim doesn’t have. She bakes a yummy pizza for Uncle John to eat. Uncle Tim and Emma decide to sell food together! They setup a table and chairs for their new customer. Auntie arrives and orders a bunch of food toys from them!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-10-25T11:58:28.000Z

Emma, Jannie, Wendy, and Lyndon pretend play Halloween trick or treating for huge candy haul! Emma wakes up everybody to get costumes to go trick or treating. They try out a bunch of different costumes to find out which one is the best. Jannie is Aurora, Emma is Elsa, Wendy is a witch, and Lyndon is a giant pumpkin. First they go to Uncle Tim’s house, but it was super spooky and scary! Uncle Tim was dressed up as a clown and gave them some candy! After that they went over to Auntie’s house. Auntie dressed up as Maleficent and decorated her house with webs and bats. Lastly they went to Uncle K’s house, but he didn’t decorate his house or candy because the stores sold out! However, they head over to Uncle John’s store and he still had a bunch of Halloween stuff. They buy decorations to help Uncle K’s house look cool and spooky.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

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Published Date : 2018-11-28T13:00:07.000Z

Jannie pretend play with her birthday cakes drive thru toy store for kids! Jannie operates her very own birthday cake drive thru. Uncle K competes with Jannie by opening his own birthday cake dessert store. Uncle K feels bad and closes his store and decides to work with Jannie. They bake and decorate cakes together with the kitchen and baking toys. They even make Uncle Tim a giant birthday cake!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 14034586

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DisLikes : 11991

Published Date : 2018-12-16T13:00:02.000Z

Wendy pretend play building a playhouse with her ABC letters toy. She learns the alphabet by playing with her ABC toys and also has fun singing along to the ABC song! Fun educational video to help kids learn the ABC alphabet!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 32514689

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DisLikes : 31861

Published Date : 2018-11-16T13:00:10.000Z

Wendy pretend play at Uncle John’s ice cream delivery drive thru toy store! Wendy helps Uncle John deliver ice cream, but on the way to Uncle Tim’s house she accidentally drops it. Wendy goes back to get a new one for Uncle Tim, but she has to go to school so Uncle John brings it to him. Uncle John goes to the toy store to buy a Disney princess scooter for Wendy to deliver ice cream for him. Wendy comes back and tries out the new electric scooter. She loves it and delivers more ice cream for Uncle John. Uncle K wants a huge ice cream delivered and Wendy accidentally drops it again! However, Uncle John saves the day and brings another ice cream to Uncle K.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 30582053

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DisLikes : 37345

Published Date : 2018-12-12T13:00:03.000Z

Wendy & Jannie perform at the kids got talent show and sings a lot of nursery rhymes songs. Uncle John wants to join too, but it is for kids only. He went back home and used a mask of Lyndon to try to join the challenge. His plan worked and he won the contest! Uncle John helped Wendy and Jannie learn new instruments for the talent show. They all sing-along to nursery rhymes and win the contest together!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 44817945

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DisLikes : 38417

Published Date : 2018-04-15T12:00:02.000Z

Wendy goes fishing with fishing toys and camping! Uncle and Wendy go fishing at the pond and catch a lot of toy fishes. They take the wagon to go camping with Auntie. They play with camping toys such as pretend wood and fire. They all have a fun time play with the camping toys and tent.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 14581165

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DisLikes : 9701

Published Date : 2018-10-31T12:00:02.000Z

Wendy pretend play as Princess mermaid Ariel and has a birthday pool party! Auntie told Wendy to finish her homework and then she can play. Auntie makes Wendy a surprise birthday pool party by buying a bunch of Ariel stuff. Uncle K arrives with a mermaid tail, Ariel kitchen, and giant shell inflatable float toy. They surprise her and play in the swimming pool together!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 49296285

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DisLikes : 41269

Published Date : 2018-08-26T12:00:06.000Z

Emma pretend play with her cute pink kitchen restaurant toy. She cooks pretend food kids toy at her new restaurant kitchen. Uncle K gave Emma the new kitchen toy and chef’s costume to wear. They pretend play selling and making food at a pretend restaurant. Uncle K takes Emma to Uncle John’s toy store and buys her a lot of pretend food toys for the restaurant. Emma cooks French fries, taco, fruits and veggies, spaghetti, eggs, bread, sandwich, burgers, and pizza toy!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 41805770

Likes : 110368

DisLikes : 44083

Published Date : 2018-11-22T13:00:09.000Z

Emma pretend plays with her princess boutique that is also a tailoring shop. Auntie Joyce needs a new dress made because hers is too small and doesn’t fit. Emma takes her measurements and starts making the dress with her cool sewing machine toy. Emma makes a beautiful Elsa dress for Auntie Joyce and also helps her put on makeup and style her hair.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 8619559

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DisLikes : 7794

Published Date : 2018-10-01T12:00:30.000Z

Emma and Jannie pretend play stacking a giant cup wall with her colorful cups! The toy store ran out of cups, so Auntie had to challenge Uncle John for his cups. Auntie lost the challenge and couldn’t get the cups back for Emma to play with. Jannie felt bad and came over and shared her colorful cups with Emma. They built a giant cup wall and played fun games.

Channel Title : ToysPlay

Views : 98026277

Likes : 135674

DisLikes : 57200

Published Date : 2018-07-06T00:00:01.000Z

Wendy pretend play selling sand ice cream toy from her crab shop. She makes ice cream cones with different color kinetic sand. Uncle John comes and buys a strawberry ice cream cone. Uncle K and the Baby doll also comes and buys some yummy ice cream. However, before the Baby gets to eat ice cream she has to eat healthy food. Wendy cooks carrots and broccoli toys for the Baby doll to eat. The Baby actually likes to eat it and also eats a bunch of ice cream!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors FAN

Views : 1186

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DisLikes : 0

Published Date : 2018-09-12T09:05:58.000Z

Wendy is pretend playing the stacking game with cups and makes a giant cup wall! Wendy and Uncle John also try to build a giant pyramid out of colorful cups. Uncle Tim was cleaning up and brought back all of the cups for Wendy. Uncle John had the great idea of playing hockey and knocking down the giant pyramid cups for fun!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 13397126

Likes : 21559

DisLikes : 8677

Published Date : 2018-09-05T12:00:02.000Z

Wendy Pretend Play with post office mailbox kids toys! Uncle John went to the post office to find out why his mail was never delivered. Wendy forgot to deliver them, so she puts postages on them and goes to deliver the mail. On her way to deliver the mail it started raining, her scooter ran out of gas, and she forgot her mail bag at the gas station. She goes back and delivers the toy mail to Uncle Tim. Back at the office Uncle K needs help making a passport. She helps him with the process! Kids learn how the post office works.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 41649530

Likes : 121415

DisLikes : 53619

Published Date : 2018-12-08T13:00:01.000Z

Wendy and her family pretend play hide and seek to the peek a boo nursery rhyme song made for kids! Sing-along and play with Wendy, Auntie Rose, and Uncle K! They take turns hiding inside and outside. They have a bunch of fun playing with each other.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 53495788

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DisLikes : 38588

Published Date : 2018-05-18T12:00:01.000Z

Jannie pretend plays with her fun food truck toy! She brings it in from the backyard and sets it up to sell food to customers. The food truck toy has pretend food tacos, burgers, pizzas, cookies, and smoothies. Uncle wants to play with Jannie so he brings his giant food truck toy. Before they play, Uncle tells Jannie to finish her homework. After she is done they start selling pretend food to their customers. They make tacos and hotdogs for their first customer.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors FAN

Views : 255

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DisLikes : 1

Published Date : 2018-09-21T09:12:13.000Z

Emma teaches numbers to her puppets in class. She helps her Auntie organize and count her toys. Emma pretend play as a math teacher and her Auntie is the student. Auntie surprises Emma with NUMBER-BOTS and they learn numbers together.

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 46346088

Likes : 76608

DisLikes : 32003

Published Date : 2018-08-02T12:00:04.000Z

Emma pretend play with her giant swimming pool water slide, ice cream toys, and giant floaties at their pool party! Emma is playing with Auntie and they want to get a snack. Uncle K arrives in his ice cream cart with frozen treats such as ice cream, smoothies, and drinks. They want watermelon juice and frozen watermelon, but Uncle K only has other fruit toys. They all go to the Uncle John’s toy store to get some watermelon fruit toys. Uncle Tim wants to play with them and they all decide to have a pool party!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 10335363

Likes : 17110

DisLikes : 7408

Published Date : 2018-08-30T12:00:05.000Z

Wendy pretend play with giant fruit and vegetable pillow toys for kids! Uncle K has a lot of fruit and veggie pillows and Wendy really wants to play with them. She asks Auntie to buy some for her, but Auntie says they can go after they clean up. They go to Uncle John’s toy store and have to trade fruit toys and vegetables for the pillows. They go around and look for the toys. They were able to find an orange toy and trade it for an orange pillow. Uncle Tim sells his watermelon toy to them. Wendy and Auntie collect all of the pillow toys and Uncle Tim joins them and plays too!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 18591661

Likes : 35122

DisLikes : 14950

Published Date : 2018-11-18T13:00:04.000Z

Jannie and Wendy pretend play at a dress up princess party and play with make up toys for kids! Wendy wakes up Jannie to go to the princess party, but Jannie doesn’t have any makeup toys. Auntie Rose goes to the toy store and buys some cute makeup toys for Jannie to play with. Jannie dresses up in Princess Aurora’s dress and does her own makeup with the makeup kit! Wendy comes back and brings her a princess tiara to wear. They have a fun princess party together!

Channel Title : Toys and Colors

Views : 16648498

Likes : 33527

DisLikes : 13209

Published Date : 2018-07-31T12:00:01.000Z

Wendy pretend play with a cool donut bakery shop pretend food toys. Wendy really wants to buy donut toys from Uncle K, but doesn’t have enough money to pay so she works for him. Uncle John is their first customer and she helps him pick out a bunch of yummy looking donut toys. Uncle John decides he wants a giant donut, so Uncle K made one for him to play with. Uncle Tim arrives and Wendy makes him a special donut. After she was done working Uncle K made Wendy some donut toys to take home!


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