Zumba Choreography Let The Music Play By Shamur....!

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A Zumba® Choreography for Let The Music Play by Shamur Choreography Partner - Harika Video Credits - Dinesh Sekar

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Back with New Dance Fitness Video For you guys hope you guys like it Stay connected keep Watching my videos for more videos Subscribe my channel follow me on Instagram and Facebook INSTAGRAM : @zumba_vishal FACEBOOK : VISHAL SINGH

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Choreo by ZES Sucheta Pal and ZJ Vin Iyer filmed at Zumba Fitness Convention #ZINCON2018

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Zumba with Viji Nivarthi Let the music play

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My second project, a dance cover video for Anjali Verma, a professional dancer at Big Dance Centre, New Delhi Dancers: Anjali Verma, Atima Agrawal, Shambhavi Jain, Shrishti Kanojia Music: Let the music play by Shamur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOipE-KvuBQ Filmed & edited by Mukul Roy Follow me: www.instagram.com/kaliparchayi For enquiries & collaborations please contact mfilmsindia@gmail.com

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Follow my group on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/groups/456708964390382/ Last summer i wrote this choreography, my second attempt at a India-dance inspired choreo. This is the first of many upcoming older songs / choreograhys that i consider always relevant in our zumba culture, and a zumba classic. I think that the zumba world has only scratched the surface on bollywood / indian styles - which is a shame because SOOOO much good stuff is being missed. Look for more Bollywood / Punjabi choreos coming to this channel in the future. Special thanks to my AMAZING crew! The normal crew (who is also amazing) couldnt make it, and these guys could. I am extremely pleased with their performances on this and next weeks video. I hope to make Margot and Jill a more permanent addition to my Choreo crew. Check in Next Thursday for a new workoout Choreography Filmed where Dale Parker teaches his Zumba Classes at Xcite Dance, Located at 9251 South, 700 East in Sandy Utah. http://utahzumbaman.com/ इस वेबसाइट हर गुरुवार की यात्रा एक नया लैटिन एरोबिक नृत्य नृत्यकला के लिए आते हैं.

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Let the music play.. One of my favourite track in my zumba class.

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Hope you guyz love it.

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Hello everyone im back with new collab. Let the music play cover..my new video ..doing old school. Stay tuned n keep supporting me show your love for me... Choreghraph:siddharth shinde (liquid) Dancer artists:chetna & siddharth Direction:siddharth shinde (liauid) Crew: THE ULTIMATE STUNNER SQUAD Special thanx:anand & ajay Song:let the music play artist:shamur album:shardana Album:cd baby & 1 music right societies FACEBOOK id:https://www.facebook.com/Siddharth-Shinde-liquid-1832633863731008/ Insta id:siddharth_liquid Anyone want to learn this set-up dm me ...

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I got inspiration for this one when I was in a fellow instructor's class in Nashville! We have a lot of fun getting down to the chorus!

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Had attented Vijaya Live Dance Workshop- Delhi hosted by Mamtha Jha & Priyanka Mehta at Say Fitness, Lajpat Nagar .. Had a great opportunity to learn several choreos from the diva herself Vijaya Turpurani Ma'am.. This is also one of the song in which I have also been a part.. Hope u guys like it.. Featuring : Members of the workshop Choreography : Vijaya Tupurani Song : Let the music play by Shamur Plz don't forget to like and subscribe my channel..🙏

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Let the Music Play with Sucheta Pal and Vin Iyer Bollywood Obsession at ZINCON2018 Captured by Jabari and Brenda

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Shamur-Let The Music Play (remix) | Alex badad choreography | Dance (class video Hello everyone!! Alex baDad is back with yet another choreography on Shamur- Let The Music Play I have choreographed this song for my students in my Dance class and made a small Dance class video Hope you guys like it.. If you really like it then please please please do click the like button and share this among your friends Please do subscribe for more videos ❤ . Edited by: Shravan Bale Alex baDad The Veterans

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Sorry For Late Upload..... New fitness And Dance Videos Coming Soon.... Stay Tuned... Subscribe.... don't Forget To Click the Bell Icon... Like And Share.... #Dance #Class #

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Hola Guys, This song is my most favourite song so we decided to choreograph it. Hope you guys enjoy it and let me know below if you guys want me to make more such dance videos :) P.s. Thats my Sister (Samridhi Dugar) Lots of Lovee!! Follow me on : Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sameekshadugar/?hl=en

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This is my first Zumba Dance video, Zumba is exercise fitness program, zumba involves dance and aerobic, as a human being we all should do exercise and be fit so Zumba is a very entertaining way to do Dance workout and learn new cool dancing moves💗 Follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/bunnyhopbeast

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Shamur - Let The Music Play (Original Vocal Mix)

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This Track has always been Fire :) If you want us to make a Choreography Tutorial on this song, then Give this video 1500 Likes or 1000 Comments. Join Our Regular Batches In AHMEDABAD Today. Registrations Open :) . Call Us Today : 9 7373 0 8811 Email Us : Hello@DanceMantraAcademy.com Address : 305,Sheetal Varsha Mall,Opposite PC Jewellers,Shivranjani Cross Road,Satellite,Ahmedabad. . Follow Us : Dance Mantra Tutorials : https://urlgeni.us/instagram/j9dy Hip Hop Mantra : https://urlgeni.us/instagram/KFTJ Ronak Sonvane : https://urlgeni.us/instagram/uhKZ Mantra Look : https://urlgeni.us/instagram/IjiF

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Super energetic evening batch members of Fitness Hub grooving on Let the music play by Shamur... Song : Let the music play by Shamur Choreography by : Vijaya Tupurani ma'am in Delhi Workshop Featuring : Me & Evening batch members of Fitness Hub

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This is an easy fitness dance cover by Zin Renu Adlakha on the song Let the music play by Shamur. For more Fitness Dance Videos Subscribe YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCcgz1mlMiaw76H-VBnB7DA If you like my video please like my page on Facebook and Instagram on the given link.. Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/renu.adlakha.58 Instagram - @renu.adlakha.58 Note: I do not own the rights to this song and use it for teaching and demonstration purposes only under the Copyright Fair Use Act

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Provided to YouTube by CDBaby Let the Music Play · Shamur Shardana ℗ 2009 DSE Released on: 2009-10-01 Auto-generated by YouTube.

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thiz iz a kewl dance dun by a supa awessum dance chunk done by a supa awessum guy supa awessum guy in a supa awessum way on a supa awessum ocassion of ma sis;z engagement at taj deccan...!! hmmmm....plzz do leave ur commetnzzz if yuew likd da vdo..!! :P.. nn.. it'z da most kewlest danc u'l eva watch....!!

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☯ My Favourites ☯ Music : Let The Music Play - Shannon Amazing Breakdancing, breaking Hip Hop Bboy Battle

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RAJ POTSUL CHOREOGRAPHY | Shamur | Let The Music Play Hey Y'all wassup guys 😎 So here I came back with a new video and again an old school song 🤙🏻 Song:- Let The Music Play 🎼🎼🎧🎼🎼 This song I heard a lot when I am 9 years old but that time I am just a listener but now I actually know the song when I perform on it, all the beats, proper lyrics, and the rhythm and there feeling what singer want to explore on that time. I am so happy that I am trying to do this type of song because we all know in our desi hip hop song there is so much flavor, fun, also better quality of music. Shamur is the great artist 🙏🏻🙏🏻 About the video:- I upload everyone’s video I don’t care whether he/she killed in this routine or did a lot of mistakes I know that everyone enjoyed a lot that’s the happiest part for me 😇 you can join me in ryhthm Riders Dance Academy, Dombivali don't forget to Like | Share | Subscribe contact :- Rajpotsul@gmail.com instagram:- https://www.instagram.com/rajpotsul/?... facebook:- https://www.facebook.com/iamrajpotsul

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Wilson's Den @instagram

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not a bad one for a day's practice, nice try guys :P

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Shannon's classic song, the remixed extended version, with DarkClaw [mask] and Tank9 dancing along in public. Imagine a boombox outdoors and a bold attitude. Fun to loosen up to before a workout. I just learned Shannon didn't even sing the chorus in this song. It was a studio singer, a guy! After 3:12, you can hear Shannon sing "Let it play" while the guy sings the chorus. Wow!

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#Jamsession #Dance #LetTheMusicPlay

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Let's the music play ## shamur

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Inspired by sucheta pal l lets the music play Follow my instragram https://www.instagram.com/p/BmG8khsFo-P/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=59bn8i80rq3r https://youtu.be/JcCoAV6JOto https://youtu.be/fhRsEzcJqBU #Dancefitness #Danceworkout #choreography

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this dance has made it across the ocean!!

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suchetapalThis will be my 5th year at the#ZumbaConvention2018 and I can't wait to share my culture with @zumba instructors of 186 countries in Orlando this year! Get ready #zumbafamily.... India Team arrives in 7days! Song name: Shamur- Let the music play Loving this by ZJ @showgirlvin always 💯 Shout out to @kunaljessani @vigneshmadhrani who are slayin' this ❤️I call them the #zumbatwinsindia Captured by the talented @ritiksingh99 #zumbaconvention2018 #presenter #zincon2018#zumbawithsucheta @zumbaconvention@zumbawear .

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Fb page = https://m.facebook.com/TheBestZumbaTrainerDelhiNCR/?ref=bookmarks Instgram= https://www.instagram.com/sam_d_star/?hl=en.mob 9718554813

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Thanks to Alex BaDad sir for teaching us this choreo on amazing song of Shamur let the music play and we tried to give a different way to show this choreo hope u all like it must share subscribe and like . 😊

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Fun and energetic workout incorporating some sexy moves!

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Dance Performance

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Giulio Silvestris Feat. Gary Nesta Pine - Let The Music Play (zumba Video) Coreography https://itunes.apple.com/fr/artist/giulio-silvestris/id336938202

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video remixed by ahmedshah

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